I am somebody!

After patiently waiting I finally got my invite to Ravelry.  YAY!  Now will see if I can get everything inventoried from my stash.  I hear you laughing out there!  But this week, will be a short one.  Work from home tomorrow, then vacation days for the rest of the week.

Wednesday is the Stitch n Pitch at the Spinner’s Game with some of my buds from knitting in Chelmsford and Nashua.  I’ll be bringing socks to knit so I can watch the game and blab while knitting at the same time.  It also happens to be Jimmy Buffet night and the give away is an Insulated Knitting Bag (cooler really).  It should be a blast – if you are there, look for the Knitter’s of Chelmsford and Nashua to be up on the scoreboard.  We’ll be up in the box seats near the press box.

I should have a new memory card by then so I promise to take pictures.

Thursday I’m checking out a local Tai Chi class.  I finally found a Tai Chi class in the evening at the Plum Blossom Academy , near me so keep your fingers crossed that it works out.  I need something very low impact to get this big old body moving a bit.  I love Tai Chi and it will be fun to start it up again.

We also have to go see Harry Potter at some point the first day or two of it’s release.  I’m actually thinking of buying advanced tickets to see it at the IMAX in 3D.  Has anyone seen any of the Harry Potter movies at the 3D IMAX?  Did you like it or hate it?

Saturday we are seeing Don McLean as in, American Pie, in Lowell, MA at the Boarding House Park.

Only 11 days until camp…

DD and I had a little sit down and she is ‘trying’ to speak civily to me.   It’s all I can do to keep from reaching out and smacking her.

Let’s see – what did we do this weekend?

Oh, I made a couple of batches of strawberry jam – I think I got about 12+ half pints to bring home – the rest I left with my Mom and Dad, since I messed up their kitchen making the jam.  I think we cooked up about 8 quarts and because they were so juicy, ripe and sweet I only added about 1/2 of the sugar the recipe called for.  Now keep your fingers crossed that is sets up.  It tastes really good, not too sweet.

This year Mary and I HAVE to make salsa.  We missed making it last year and I really missed having yummy homemade salsa all through the winter like we usually do.

Sunday of course was Ms. Jena’s wedding shower.  I got to meet Dave’s Aunt Dotty and what a hoot she is!  She’s this little 80 year lady – who barely looks 60!  And what a hot ticket she is.  Then there was the plates of homemade italian cookies they brought – oh my they were yummy.  You can keep the cake, I was quite happy to be standing by the cookies, thank you.

I did spin a little on Friday, when DD and I watch the Illusionist.  What can I say, I love Edward Norton.  The filming was really dark and gloomy, and the story was fun.  Two thumbs up from us. 


6 responses to “I am somebody!

  1. I found you on ravelry! 🙂

  2. Have fun on Ravelry! I dare not start up another addiction but I’m looking forward to living vicariously through others 🙂 2 more days till HP – but the real event will be book 7 on the 21st.

  3. I saw the Goblet of Fire both in IMAX & the regular theater – and I appreciated the special effects more in IMAX. It also felt like the audience was part of the movie.

  4. You’re going to love Ravelry. The jam sounds delicious – it’s one thing haven’t tried making yet. Yum!

    Thank you so much for the reiki and good thoughts over at my blog- I really appreciate it so much.

  5. Yeah for Ravelry!! I’m still waiting, I know it takes a while for them to get to us!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve read other people do!!

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