Midnight Emergency Room Visits and Stitches

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Last night I was just drifting off to sleep, when DD came bursting into my room crying about bleeding, she then fainted on to the floor. Once I got her into the bathroom and was able to assess what happened (stabbed herself accidentally with some old kitchen shears) and how bad (it was bleeding pretty good and it wasn’t closing up).

So I throw on some clothes and it’s off to the hospital emergency room at midnight. Don’t you just love those trips!?  Yes I did remember to grab my knitting.

An hour and a half later, and a bit more calmed down DD and I got to go home with three little stitches, some bacitracin and a band-aid.

Only one more day – 24 hours until I drop her off at camp. I think we will make it, although this might make playing the guitar a little bit tougher.


4 responses to “Midnight Emergency Room Visits and Stitches

  1. Ouchie!!!!

  2. Oof, it just never ends does it? Hope she heals quickly!

  3. Yikes! Poor kid 😦 And, poor mommy. Good thing you remembered to grab the knitting.

  4. What a scary night, and I’m glad it turned out to be 3 stitches. I’m sure she’ll find a way to play.

    I bet you’re enjoying your quiet time now…

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