Blissful silence

DD survived her trip to the emergency room and was safely enscounced at camp last Friday.  Of course we started a little late, and then we hit a major traffic backup due to an accident on the Mass Pike.  I knew I should have gone out Route 2!  But we were only about 45 minutes late arriving. 

We quickly emptied the car of her belongings.  I have no idea what she packed – but I hope she has some clean clothes, bedding and a toothbrush!  It’s already Thursday and I haven’t heard a peep out of her, so I’m assuming all is well.

My cousin Jen arrived on Saturday afternoon on her way to a Photography Workshop in Maine the following week.  This is the same cousin who has the OCD Cleaning genes and cleaned my basement out last year dressed in WHITE sweatpants and was not only still white but managed to organize and clean out the basement in 2 hours.

This year she decided to go for the kitchen.  When I came down Sunday morning at 6:30 am she had already taken the refrigerator apart and it was cleaned and she was putting it back together.  Then she started on the cupboards.  You would not believe the mountain of trash that is sitting out at the curb as I type.

While she did the kitchen, I took apart the living room – stripped and washed all the slipcovers.  I love slipcovers.  I really, really love the denim slipcovers on the sofa.  I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet, washed down the walls.  By 2pm it was time for Jen to leave and I was completely exhausted.  So I lay down on my nice clean sofa, in my nice clean living room, looking into my nice clean kitchen and started reading Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows. 

I read it straight through the night and finished it around 6AM with a few naps in between.  I will not post any spoilers and will only say it had a very satisfying ending and I liked it.

I took Monday and Tuesday off as well, so I’ve been busy spinning up my hand painted rovings and I’m loving them.  I went looking for my camera and I think DD must have packed it and taken it with her.  I still cannot find the video camera.

I had also completed the 3rd clue in the mystery stole…. only to find a spot way down where I zigged when I should have zagged….  I know I’m eventually going to have to frog it and start again, but it’s just sitting right now, because I cannot deal with that.

Being on vacation and not checking emails can be a blessing – I apparently missed all the bru-ha-ha on the satanic speculations of the MS3 Theme.  Now, I’m going to go off a bit on organized religion and if think you might be offended stop reading now. 

Recently there was a bruhaha locally because my towns Business Association who has a festival every year on or near the third weekend of September.  Well apparently someone failed to check and it falls on Yom Kippur this year.  Yes, it’s a shame, but it certainly was not maliciously anti-Semitic.  And to change the date now would cause a lot of money to be lost and contracts to be broken.  So the person, who organizes this, publicly apologized for the oversight, promised they would be more sensitive in the future, but explained why it was not financially feasible to move the date this year.  But still she’s been raked over the coals for this oversight. GET OVER IT PEOPLE.  Stop whining about it already.

Last I knew, Yom Kippur is a day of atonement, reflection and sacrifice.  And you have FREE WILL! You get to choose what you want to participate in.

Then recently my friend Lucia made some observations on religion and politics.  You can read it here.  Again, don’t go if you are easily offended.

Now, I have to say, that as a practicing witch/pagan, that I do not believe in sin, evil, Satan, the golden rule nor do I ‘relate’ to patriarchal organized religions.  But I believe that since we all have free will to choose our own belief system, and the right to practice our spirituality that I will not and cannot judge you for your choices.  I only ask that you extend the same courtesy to me and others. 

I find it no longer amusing that our political circus is coming down to how religious you are and in most cases how Christian you are.  I am tired of having ‘this is a Christian Country’ being foisted upon the REST of us who don’t think the USA IS a Christian country. 

There are 19 major religions in this world, and 250+ minor ones.  I would speculate that most if not all of these and maybe more that aren’t on the radar is being practiced here in the US.  This is a poly theistic society.  So when someone suggested regarding the town fest that next year we check the calendar so that no one’s religion might be offending, I’m thinking do we account for 19 major religions and not the minor ones – where does one draw the line as to who you offend and who you don’t? 

This is why the separation of church and state is so important.  So that we have an equal opportunity of offend everyone.  No, I’m only kidding.  It comes back to FREE WILL people, blessedly our forefathers understood this concept.  It’s time to start using your brains to think about your choices, your religion, and your spirituality and perhaps you don’t have all the answers, but if it works for you fine.  Just don’t expect or insist, or assume (because we all know about ASS-U-ME right?) that what works for you is going to work for me or everyone else. 

If we were all cookie cutter brainless grunions then maybe, but we are unique individuals who are fallible, in our wonderful uniqueness, celebrate it.    

Last night at knitting my lack of belief in the golden rule was brought up.  Now just to review the golden rule state the “You do unto others, as you would have done to you” – my problem with this is what if someone doesn’t want done to them as I want done to me, then wouldn’t that be offensive? 

This is why the wiccan creed works for me.

Harm None and do as you will.  Back to FREE WILL Baby!  As long as you don’t hurt anyone and don’t hurt yourself, you are pretty much free to do whatever you want… sort of a libertarian ideal. It works for me.

So go out there and play nice, be thoughtful, and start taking care of each other.  Stop putting labels on people and dissing them if they don’t fall into your set of labels.  Instead, invite them over for a cuppa tea, go to lunch with them, join them in a knitting group.  But don’t let your fears dictate your life.  Face them and you might find out that there is nothing to fear at all.  And for Goddess sake stop listening to people who try to define your world under such a small label as a religious affiliation.  They aren’t being honest with you, they just want to control your thinking process so you don’t have to think. Expand that label until you reach humankind then expand it a little more.  And for Hecate’s sake start exercising that brain a bit.


5 responses to “Blissful silence

  1. I totally agree, couldn’t have said it better. I think too many of our nation’s leaders have forgotten that the founding fathers went out of their way to seperate church and state. Religious oppression was a huge factor in the founding of this country. But then again, the constitution seems to mean very little these days.
    November 2008 can’t get here fast enough! I’m pagan and I vote!

  2. I was totally not offended at what you said, and in fact, I agree with you. I’m not Wiccan, but I can easily accept that you are, and not be bothered in the least by it.

    I am also with you on the separation of state and church. I’m sick of the “Founding fathers were all Christians” routine, when in fact, most of them weren’t. All of them attended church, because that’s what upper class gentlemen did. But if you read their papers, most of them don’t credit God with anything. Washington, despite the Parson Weems slanders, was not Christian, and in fact never used the terms God or Jesus. He was at best a Deist, but more probably an agnostic.

    What all the founding fathers were was tolerant. Something this country needs to regain in great abundance.

  3. Pretty mainstream, dear, at least for the civilized world. A shame that you needed a disclaimer.

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. Very good points put down very well. I couldn’t agree more!

  5. See! This is why I love my sister DT, and we’ve been friends forever – we don’t always agree, but we’re both witchy as … well just suffice it to say that we’ve got a mutual appreciation for Hecate and a good cuppa … She’s got the tea and I’ve got the hounds 🙂

    I gotta go one further about “an ye harm none” – there are times when we don’t *intend* to hurt a neighbor, don’t believe we have, but might have to steer a course of action around their insistence that they are “hurt” by what we plan to do or have done …

    At that point, if I can’t reach a happy accommodation, I’m apt to say, OK I respect your right to feel that way, and I don’t want to upset you in any way, but for me to adjust to your way of thinking on this issue is too much work and I’m not going to do that …. If you can’t deal we’ll have to take a time out.

    Or something like that … I’m open to thoughts about that one 🙂


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