The Harlot is coming!

That’s right… Stephanie is coming to Borders Bookstore in Burlington, MA tomorrow evening (August 2nd) at 7:00pm.  You will need to reserve a spot so call Borders for that.

I am planning on going over after work and thought I would grab some dinner at the Burlington Mall Food Gallery so if anyone else wants to grab some food before heading over meet me there around 5:30PM

UPDATE:  We are going to meet at the Wayside Commons for dinner instead?

Tonight is Java Room knitting night in Chelmsford.

My new dishwasher was delivered last week and the guy came to install it yesterday.  My mom was nice enough to hang at my house to let the installers in.  If you have been reading long enough you might remember the nightmare I had with Home Depot and getting some bathroom tiles installed.  Well, enough time had passed and much like giving birth the pain of that experience had faded.

The other thing that sucks you in is that at least at my Home Depot the people there are really nice and helpful.  And in light of the recent shake up with Home Depot and their 3rd-party installers, I thought I would give them another try.

Just shoot me in the head now…

Mom called to let me know that they had finished and left and that they were nice, polite and appeared to do a nice job, and that it was running, and very quiet.

Mom left…

About a half hour later I get a call from DD who of course decided to check out the new dishwasher and when she opened it she discovered that the idiots had left all the packing materials, INCLUDING the product registration card, AND they had also failed to take the edge gaskets out and install them.  These are just little plastic fillers that seal the edges between the dishwasher and the adjacent cabinets.

WTF!  Didn’t they open the dishwasher BEFORE they turned it on and ran it… and didn’t they NOTICE that those little plastic strips were missing?!!!

I had her put all the wet soggy mess into a bag for me to take up to Home Depot when I explain my extreme displeasure once again.

Home Depot – strike 3 you are out!

This leads me to my OH SHIT moment this morning.  I’m late as usual and as I am driving through a construction detour with policemen everywhere I glance over and realize that my car inspection sticker has a “7” on it.  SEVEN!!! Today is August 1st.  YIKES – so I quickly detoured first to an ATM as inspection stations only take cash, then on to find an inspection station – actually I had to go to three before I found one open and with a working computer.  I now have a red ‘8’ on my windshield.

Is it time to go home yet?


3 responses to “The Harlot is coming!

  1. I’ll be in Burlington tomorrow. I’m meeting Minisoup at Papa Razzi at 5:30 if you care to join us.

  2. Some men just don’t use their heads. They just want to get the job done and get out. When our stove was installed before the plumbers tested it I had to remind them that all the grates and burners were in the oven in cardboard. It was the first time these plumbers ever installed a dual fuel oven.

  3. YIKES!

    My inspection dudes take plastic. This is a very good thing.

    Bummer on the dishwasher – when I got a new clothes washer, I discovered the hard way that the Sears installers had put the hot and cold water hoses on the wrong way around, so my load of “cold water only wash” got HOT. Pain in the ass, but at least somethign I could fix myself.

    See you sometime soon, I hope

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