Is it time to go yet?

The week before you go on vacation is usually a crazy one.  I’m trying to get things tied up and cleaned out at work.  I’m attempting to gather together all the camping equipment that was neatly put away last year, but ‘someone’ has rummaged through the stuff and scattered it to the four corners of the basement.

I really, Really, REALLY need a vacation.  Two weeks in a row, sweet!  Now if I could only run away from home and leave the kid and cats behind that would be perfect.  But alas the kid is going camping with me and some friends.  The cats get to stay home and protect the house.

I’ve been spinning up a storm  – here’s another picture of some finished superwash sock yarn


The colors are a bit brighter than this photo – I think we will call it Watermelon Lime Rickey


7 responses to “Is it time to go yet?

  1. Sock yarn looks great! Hope you have a blast camping – a 2 week vaca is such a luxury! We were up at Old Orchard Beach a couple of weekends ago, the waves were awesome and the water was really pretty warm. Next week is Ogunquit, yipee! Maine summer vacations are the best 🙂

  2. the yearly camping trips that I took with my teenaged dtrs and their friends are some of our most cherished collective memories. have a great time.

  3. That’s beautiful spinning.
    Have a great vacation…it’s almost time.

  4. Very nice yarn; love the colorway!

  5. This one was my favorite. I’m glad you brought in. It’s so much prettier in person!

  6. This one is my favorite bunch of yarn. It makes me thirsty!

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