Time flies

when you are having fun.

These past weeks just seemed to fly by, in fact I have no idea where the summer of 2007 went.  I know we did a lot of stuff, but now it just seems like a quick blur of events.

Camping was cool – the weather was sunny but on the cool side.  This works well for me.  I had packed well and was ready for the colder nights, DD was not… oh well.

I do have pictures to share… but need to get them off the camera first.

I did very little knitting, in fact I believe every thing I did knit has been frogged, so there is nothing to show there.

I did a little more spinning and finished up another skein of the hand dyed superwash, pics to come.

And now I am back at work.  Boo hoo.

I did get to meet Lucia for a quickie lunch – It seems like ages since we’ve seen each other.

And tonight I’m off to knit with the Java Room Girls at an undisclosed location 🙂


One response to “Time flies

  1. Thank you so much again for last night, especially for the birthday cake and for going to the Lilac Blossom twice! 🙂

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