Turning bumps into yarn


See this pile of my hand painted roving bumps!  This is mostly merino superwash from Henry’s Attic.  I love how it really takes up the colors so nicely.  And I don’t have to worry about felting the rovings either.  Not to mention that is spins up like a dream.

These spun up absolutely fantastic.  I did them in 6 oz (approx.) bumps and I have spun all but two of them up.  I’m getting betweem 300+ to 400+ yards of 2-ply at about 18-20 wpi.  I’m sure it will fluff up a bit after I soak the skeins and set the twist.  I suspect it will be a nice mid-weight sock yarn and there appears to be enough per skein to knit a lovely pair of socks.

It never ceases to amaze and delight my with how different the fiber looks as it goes through the different stages, first dyeing the roving then spinning the singles, then plying, and finally knitting.  There is something very satisfying to want it transform at each stage.


One response to “Turning bumps into yarn

  1. So pretty! I especially love the blues and purples.

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