Be prepared

Have you seen this yet?

Here are the badges I have earned so far….


Knitting and drinking?  See you in the bar at Chili’s on the DWH in Nashua tonight – we will be in the bar drinking marguaritas whilst knitting.  Note: there are no rules that state you can’t frog everything you knit while drinking the next day.


MacGyver Level 1 – I have successfully used a paperclip fashioned as a needle to kitchener stitch the toes of a sock.  I have also used various found items as stitch markers and stitch holders while camping in the woods.


MacGyver Level 2 – I have used and bent multiple size 8 needles getting the hoses of my vaccum cleaner unplugged.  I have used crochet hooks and bent needles to fish things out of that space in your car between the windshield and dashboard to get thing that are blocking the defrosters out.  I have also used an odd knitting needle as a plant stake .  I have even used cotton dish rag yarn to truss up  a turkey on Thanksgiving.

So what badges have you earned?


4 responses to “Be prepared

  1. Those are great. Heading over now to play…

  2. OMG you are too funny! I’ll have to go take a look, too. See you tonight 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link! I was kicked out of Campfire girls when I was little, and my mother was the leader. Maybe I’ll give girl scouts a try!

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