Rock’n October

You know it’s fall when the trees start looking like this…


And you get to go to festivals with lots of these…


Is that just the cutest face?!  Can you believe these babies are only 9 months old!

And you get to ease the ride from hel with friends like these…



Here is a fuzzy photo of my felted witchypoo hat.  I love the way it came out, but I think it’s going to be a work in progress as needlefelting is just too much fun and I keep thinking of more things I want to add to the hat.

And here is a new pic of Darling Daughter, actually SMILING!


Don’t be deceived she looks cute and innocent doesn’t she?  Don’t let that smile fool you.

And last but not least… you know it’s a Rock’in October when the Red Sox sweep and win the World Series!  Way to go Red Sox!!!


8 responses to “Rock’n October

  1. Love, love, LOVE the witchypoo hat! The embellishments are wonderful, and that ruffled brim is the best!

  2. Great pix, all of them. The hat takes the cake, though.

    The trouble with teenagers (or 11-going-on-16-year-olds) is that they’re innocent one minute, hell on wheels the next.

  3. That’s a GREAT hat. I’ve got the tools to needle felt, but haven’t gotten to it. Yet.
    And is that the “luxury motorcoach” that you were on???

  4. Hi! I recognize that bus! I was there in the back knitting the dark brown and teal-ish bag (to be felted, so it was ginormous!). After that adventure I am just glad I got there and back, found some yarn I liked, and didn’t go postal from the excessive crowding (nor did anyone else, fortunately!). It was my first trip to Rhinebeck and I am glad I didn’t have to drive. Maybe next year I will plan a longer version (like going out the night before…?).

    And so the key question – did you add anything to your yarn treasury?

  5. I can’t even believe how amazing that hat is turning out!

  6. That hat is freaking amazing – you rock! Love the sheepie pic – they really do have the sweetest faces. Are you going on Sunday?

  7. The hat is fabulous!

  8. LOVE the Witchypoo hat!!!! That came out soooo amazing!!! Please wear it next Sunday??

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