Bittersweet sharing

Today I brought in all the candy to share with my cow-orkers just to get it out of my house. I don’t know why I insist on having a bag of candy since no one ever comes to the house trick or treating. It’s a dark country road with no sidewalks, but every year I put on the house lights and hope for at least a kid or two will show up in costumes.

This was also the first year DD didn’t go trick or treating, at least not with me. It was kind of sad in a way. I did make her some fantabulous costumes in the past. A fairy princess with pink sparkly chiffon. A ghoul costume made from a sheet covered in ripped and torn cheese cloth that I had spray painted with glow in the dark paint… very cool. But alas no more costumes. Off she went with friends and I stayed home spinning my merino cashmere and eating chocolates.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I had called my southern California friends during the worst of the fires to make sure everyone was safe and accounted for. Fortunately they were all safe from the fires.

Ms. C however was sad to tell me although they were safe her breast cancer has returned. I didn’t know what to say. C is my oldest (as in friends since high school) and one of my dearest friends. This just does not seem fair. So send lots of healing anti-cancer vibes her way.

A few years ago, after C’s kids were grown and for the most part on their own and her hubby, whom I totally adore, were all going to be off on Mother’s day, she decided on the spur of the moment to fly to Boston to spend the weekend with me! It was cold and drizzly that year, but we made the best of it. We spent one afternoon at the spa getting facials and another exploring galleries and museums. At night we made yummy dinners and watched old movies. Of course I have to knit while watching the tube, so one the second night we are chatting and sort of watching the movie and I’m knitting away. She said she used to know how to knit but didn’t have time for it anymore. The next morning she got up and announced at breakfast that after watching me knit the past two night she decided that she had to do it again. Unfortunately we were due to leave to get her to the airport fairly soon, so there was no time for yarn shopping. Instead we went through my stash, pulled out some appropriate needles and I got her going on a scarf.

There were many calls regarding dropped stitches, and refreshers in casting on, but soon she was indoctrinated into the knitting way. The last time I went out to visit her, she insisted on taking me to several local yarn stores (as if I was going to resist!) And we spent many relaxing hours sitting, chatting and knitting together. It was wonderful. I think we need to do this again soon.

But for now I am sending her some of my handspun to knit. I hope she likes them, and they are definitely her colors!



The bottom one has a bit more of a green tint to it that isn’t showing up in the photo, sort of like seaglass. I think they will knit up into a beautiful scarf. The are both wool mohair blends , approximately 21-18 wpi double plyed. I think there is about 200 yards of the varigated on and 165 of the solid. I probably should send her a pattern too. Any ideas?

Now Jonathan, another high school friend in LA-LA land was also fine and not in direct danger of fire, as was another high school friend of ours, David. But Jnathan had just gone through this! It really sucks being over fifty and to start falling apart. Fortunately he has informed me that he is moving back to the east coast in May. I cannot wait! It will be great getting to see him more than once in a blue moon. I also want to put some meat on those bones! No more Cocoa Puffs for him!

Update – Speaking of David – this is the link he just sent me – I cannot stop giggling


4 responses to “Bittersweet sharing

  1. That is beautiful yarn, and I will definitely send some healing vibes to go with it. As for patterns, how about the Branching Out scarf from last spring’s Knitty? Very easy lace, and there should be enough yardage especially of the first one. Or she could just do basic mesh or faggoting — that would be very nice too.

    A belated happy Samhain to you!

  2. Wow, I’m SO sorry to hear that her cancer is back. Hugs to you and good vibes go out to her.

  3. Beautiful handspun. Is that bottom one from the roving you bought at that yarn market this summer? It looks so soft.

  4. Lynne, I’m so sorry to hear your friends are facing such tough times. Good thing Jonathon went to the store, where he recieved help, rather than be home alone with no one the wiser. Well wished to them all!

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