It’s always something!

Somehow Mr. Rocky Boy got out again.  I think he got out on Friday when my Mom was there letting a workman in through the bulk head.  It was a nice day on Friday and I am sure the call of the wild was too great for him to resist.

On Saturday we had a wild a wooly rain storm.  The left overs of hurricane Noel came through, still no Rocky Boy.

Sunday was better weatherwise…. still no Rocky.  It’s not looking good.   Needless to say Darling Daughter is devastated.

On the fiberlicious front.

This arrived!


That is TWENTY! pounds of 62 fine merino superwash roving to be wound off and dyed.


This is the gorgeous Merino Cashmere that I’ve been spinning all week – it’s approx 650 yards of 21 wpi double ply.  I picked up this roving at Rhinebeck, just lovely.  Not enough for a shawl, but may for a lace smoking ring?


8 responses to “It’s always something!

  1. Holy $#@! that is a lot of roving 🙂

    It was great to see everyone yesterday – it’s been a long time for me – too long!

  2. Wow, someone is going to be having a party soon!

  3. Oh, wait a sec, it’s dyed already???

  4. Oh, no! I hope the cat comes home! They do tend to wander off for days sometimes. check with local shelters!

    That is one huge ball of roving!!!

  5. I’ll think come home thoughts for Rocky.

    That’s a gorgeous hunk’o’roving!

  6. Sending “come home” vibes to Rocky. He’s probably hiding under someone’s porch or something…poor Grace. I’d be devastated, too.

  7. Oh, no, I hope the prodigal returns!

    Lovely roving — some of that is for me, right?

  8. Some of it’s for us, unless Lynne gets a wild hair and dyes it all again 😉

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