Chunks o’ fun

That was the euphemism that we used the morning after the college kegger. You remember? Praising the porcelain god, yawning in technicolor.

This is the barf batt I also got at Rhinebeck. Don’t ask what possessed me, I was in the mood for things unique and different – this batt piqued my interest.

It has bits of silk (bright orange and lime green) interspersed through it.


I’ve been practicing and getting better at spinning a thinner single. I’m pretty comfortable spinning 2-ply fingering weight which is perfect for socks.

But I needed something to play with – I wanted to try spinning some lumpy bumpy funky stuff. So Barf Batt was the fiber of choice. Here’s a sample.


I think this will look great knit into a bag or hat to be felted. But it is fun to spin.

But still I am drawn back to the finer things of life and fiber. And what could be finer than some lovely Merino Silk from Chasing Rainbows.


It’s spinning up nicely too.


And yes, I did get a new camera. The Fuji just wasn’t cutting it, and I wanted something smaller that took better, higher quality photos for not a lot of money. I got an HP Photosmart 7.2 megapixels. I think in spite the fact I am photography challenged, this camera is actually taking decent photos.


One response to “Chunks o’ fun

  1. I noticed on your website you had a personally stitch n pitch at the lowell spinners. I am setting up an official one for next summer. We would love to have your group there. I am also looking for people who are will to demonstrate spinning. Even a drop spindle would be great. That is all I am looking at lugging in.. lol

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