Finished Objects.

It’s always good to finish objects…  especially when there are so many other things to fill that space and time.

This weekend was Woolyheaded‘s baby shower.  What is cuter than a sweet little baby?   She is the cutest thing and getting a chance to have a newborn snuggle up to you and to smell that new baby smell… well it just doesn’t get much better than that does it.

I managed to knit and put together my very first EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket.  Let me just say that EZ may be the knitting goddess, but her instructions suck…  But I did persist and managed to get this jacket knitted and put together in under two days.  Yikes

I used worsted weight wool.  Remember back in September 2006 I won some gorgeous yarn from Roxanne?  No?  I’ve had in my stash and kept pulling it out and fondling it nicely, finally it told me what it wanted to be.

Here are the photo steps of putting together an EZ BSJ

This is the amoeba stage.  It’s all knit in one piece and doesn’t look like it’s going to turn into anything recognizable.  It’s all done in garter stitch so it knits up quickly.


From the amoeba stage you match points A to A and B to B and voila you have what appears to be a baby garment.  MAGIC!


Add a few (five) buttons.  I was actually amazed to find perfectly matching buttons.   And once you’ve sewn two seams, tucked in the ends and blocked it out, you end up with this!


Ok so  it was still a little damp from the blocking, but I got it done and Mom seemed to like it and I’m sure it will fit baby sometime in the spring.

I also finished knitting my socks that I knit from my handspun superwash merino that I dyed in the roving state. Remember this?


The actual color is closer to the above photo, but I turned it into socks.  And there was even a little yarn left over.



2 responses to “Finished Objects.

  1. Sweet sweater and cool socks. I must say that the socks are truly fantastic. I love the color and the way they turned out once knit.

  2. I love those socks! They are *gorgeous*!

    I should learn to knit in my copious spare time! 🙂

    Two Golden girls at my house these days so no time for anything but dog walking, poop scooping, laughing at their antics, etc!

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