Knitting Cowboys

I found this up on Ravelry.  Just too funny

It’s Garrison Keillor’s Radio Show from Saturday 10th – at 9 minutes in (you can scroll to 9 mins in the real player thingy) – called ‘Lives of the cowboys’ (or something similar). Goes on for about 10 minutes.

Link here:

I am still laughing!


2 responses to “Knitting Cowboys

  1. “Knitting Cowboys.” Does this mean that I can actually knit my own cowboy? I couldn’t download the Garrison Keeler sound bite so I don’t know.

    If it does indeed mean that I can knit myself a cowboy, I want to know where do I find the pattern and I’ve got to get back to those knitting lessons.

  2. Thank you for the link. It’s hysterical. I love Garrison Keeler. I think a knitting cowboy sitting next to a fire, drinking a tin of whiskey, just might be sexy!

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