August Rush

This was a totally predictable, schmaltzy movie. The music was good and you get to watch  Jonathan Rhys Meyers for an hour plus.    It’s sad, but don’t bother with the tissues, it’s not a tear jerker by any means.  There are some funny lines, Robin Williams plays an excellent Fagan character.


If you like light romantic schmaltz that ends in happily ever after or if you are like me and would pay $5 for a matinee to sit in the dark, eat popcorn and watch Jonathan Rhys Meyers or you have to take a couple of 10-13 year girls to the movies, I would give this one a B- and recommend it.

On the fiber front…

The roving is dry and I started spinning some of the rainbow colored one.  I would love to get a couple more skeins ready to sell for this Saturday.  I also need to finish the smoke ring, the second Lenore sock and I would like to finish 3 pairs of fingerless mittens before Christmas.  Ya right…. I am starting to panic.


One response to “August Rush

  1. Oh, I think I’d give it at least a B. The music was really good. JRM certainly is nice to look at. I would’ve liked to know a bit more about why his character was so tortured, though. Beyond the Irish thing.

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