Oh the joys of the season

The weatherman is telling me that we should expect 6-10 inches of snow starting around noon today. The worst part of the storm should be hitting right around rush hour… great NOT!

At least the school is letting the kids leave 2 hours early and DD has strict instructions to head immediately home.

I feeling like I am running in a million directions. Cookies to be made (cookie exchange on Saturday), make extra cookies to take to house decorating party on Sunday. somewhere in between that I need to get DD down to Grandma’s to help with their holiday party. Now of course Grandma calls wondering if I could make some of those mini-popovers stuffed with roast beef and horseradish sauce. Ah, no… go buy a mix and yes you can borrow my mini muffin tins, but I need them back asap, because I am helping my friend A with her party on the 23rd by making some of the food, btw, last night A broke her wrist at the barn last night – right through the joint OWIE! I am waiting to hear from her to see if she needs surgery today. So guess who will be picking up the slack for the party next weekend 🙂 So far I’ve promised to make some Spanakopita, Tiramisu, and I cannot remember what else at this point.

I finished the smoke ring – no pics yet

I am whipping up the Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel and I am even using the exact same yarn (Malabrigo) same colorway (Emerald) as Jen.   My bad.

I also started swatching for the Cropped Vest of Many Colors for DD.  Since Darling Daughter is now wearing all the colors in the rainbow now.  Which is a much nicer phase than her most recent and long running phase of only wearing black.  I am kind of liking this Rainbow Bright phase.  So to celebrate this new phase, I’m will be knitting this vest in Noro Kureyo, in the 102 colorway


Pretty bright eh?  Some how I don’t see this as being finished by Christmas… but maybe for her birthday party on the 29th?  One can hope.

I’m also waiting for a gorgeous skein of handspun (colorway Tourmaline) to finish drying so I can start a scarf for A – oh ya I don’t think I am going to make her birthday… 7 days from now.

And oh shit!  I need to finish that needle felting project too.   I am starting to panic.

At some point I would really, really, really like to go back to spinning the shetland to start my shawl that I have been planning since last February.  I really wanted it to be finished by now.  Ya, right.


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