What Me Panic?


The Concord River

I think I need to make some lists.

Friday night I made Rosettes and burned my hand by dripping hot oil on it.  Ouch.  Finished making cookies around 9pm and fell into bed.  Saturday up at dawn to finish packaging the cookies for the cookie exchange.  But still was not sure how many cookies I needed to bring…. was praying for the exchange to be postponed.

Gathered daughter from sleepover and drove her off to her Bass lesson.  Rushing back up, get text message saying Cookie Exchange postponed!  THERE IS A GODDESS!

Drop of daughter with a list of stuff to get done (ya right).

Head off to A’s house.  She’s the friend that broke her wrist.  Bring some cookies and chicken soup.  We managed to finish the menu plan for her party this coming Sunday.  I have my shopping list.

I will be making


Baked Brie

Chicken wings


Chopped liver (pate)

and something else that I have already forgotten…

Then I head off with my lists to my other friend L’s – she just had a hysterectomy and I need to check in on her.    She is doing much better and I find her up and about – drop off more cookies and chicken soup.

On my way back home the plan was to drive DD down to Grandma’s.  She had promised to help out with the holiday party for $$ and she needs $$ since I am no longer dishing it out.

The pending Sunday storm is sounding very ominous, so I decided that instead of driving down and back to pick her up in the nasty storm, it made more sense for me to just drive down on Saturday, pre storm and spend the night.  Which is exactly what we did.

Driving home as the snow turned to freezing rain was not fun.  Especially with idiot semi-tractor trailers whizzing by at 60+ and kicking up huge dirty slush streams.  I ended up getting off the highway and opted to take the longer back roads.  Some of the towns clean the back roads better than others, but there was much less traffic and I could go at a nice and slow steady pace.

We even managed to stop at the local farm stand just before closing and quickly picked out a lovely tree.

Of course it was dark by the time we arrived home, but I was happy to see the driveway had been plowed.

I managed to finish my Wavy Drop Stitched Scarf.  Although it does need the ends woven in and to be blocked.

I did re-start the Tryst Cropped Sweater Vest.  I’m totally changing the pattern to knit it in one piece since it’s impossible with Noro to match the back and front (left and right) stripes.  I think hope this will work.

I still haven’t started the second Lenore sock.

Ok it’s all not going to get done.  I might as well accept that fact so I can stop panicking about getting my knitting done.  Except that DD just asked me if I could knit TWO scarves for TWO teachers by Friday.

It cannot be only 7 days left.  ACK


2 responses to “What Me Panic?

  1. I’m glad to hear you guys made it home safely through that nasty weather.

    Should you go for the scarves I’m doing a faggoted rib scarf that’s *very* quick if you are cool with something lacy.
    CO a multiple of 4 +2, slip the first stitch of every row
    k3, *yo, sl1, k1, psso, k2 repeat to end
    P3, *yo, p2tog, p2, repeat to end

    very quick!

  2. Post a pic of your wavy scarf! Mine is 3/4 done but due tomorrow! Ack!

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