Saint Distaff’s Day

Traditionally celebrated on January 7th.  But this year the St. Distaff Spinning Bee is being held on Sunday, January 6th.  Check here for details.  I think I will bring some of my hand-dyed rovings to sell and I will donate half of the profits to the Museum.

I am hoping to be feeling much better by then, I’ve spent the last two days flat in bed with a terrible cold.  Thank the gods I can fend for myself, for if I was depending on my Darling Teenaged Daughter to take care of me, I would be dead by now.

I actually tried to go to work today but when I got out of the shower I thought I was going to pass out.  Not good,  so I went straight back to bed.

There has been very little knitting to speak of, and nothing worth showing.


5 responses to “Saint Distaff’s Day

  1. Hey, friend. Being sick really bites, doesn’t it? Especially when you’re too sick to knit 😦 I’m going to try to make it to snb on Sunday – I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in ages. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better by then too.

  2. Yeuck. I’m fighting off the beginning of something right now, but I am planning on going on Sunday. I haven’t really spun since SPA!

  3. I’m really hoping to make it on Sunday with a bump of Tarragon’s roving in tow (feece I bought at NH S&W). Hope you’re feeling better by then, at least it will be warmer!

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear you are so sick! I hope your back is atleast less painful by now. I wish I could make it on Sunday. Have fun!

    • I have the numbers from a drsgease saddle for sale and would like to verify them \\" 7 6 002 XL AF \\" . Also, would like to know if these numbers indicate the width of the saddle?

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