Charity Knitting Anyone?

My sister and cousin Jen are heading to Peru as chaperone’s for a field trip this coming February. Their destination is Chincero. Here are some photos from my cousin’s last trip down, and as you can see the children are beautiful and happy but could use some new clothing and school supplies. I know this is short notice, but any used clothing or supplies you can possibly donate would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a message (request) from my cousin.

I would like to request if you have any children’s clothing (including jackets, sweaters, etc.) that you would like to donate, I am encouraging the girls to carry an extra duffle bag with them so we can bring lots of stuff with us when we visit the school in the village of Chinchero. Peruvian children are smaller than American children so if you have clothing for ages 2 – 10, both summer and winter, they would greatly be appreciated. I have attached several photographs of the school we will visit, and as you can see, they are happy children but desperately in need of clothes. The children also need school supplies (pencils, notebooks, children’s books (in Spanish), magic markers, colored pencils, drawing paper, paint brushes, paints (watercolors), etc.) so if you have any items like that, and would like to send as well, that would be great!

My sister has offered to donate yarn to anyone who is willing and can knit a quickie child’s sweater and get it to her by February 15th. You can either contact me or my sister Cindy at and we will make arrangements to get you some yarn, pick up your donations, etc.





To get the ball rolling on this we will have a couple of contests. I’m not sure what the exact prizes are yet, but here is what we are thinking.

Hand dyed and/or hand spun yarns

Roving (dyed or undyed)

Sock yarns

A Weaving Lesson on the Ashford Knitter’s Loom (must live near Lowell, MA or come to Lowell to win this prize)

A hand woven scarf from my sister the master weaver.

I will be working on the parameters of the contest and the prizes and will post about it soon (probably later today)




To be eligible you must have everything to us no later than February 15th, 2008. Winners will be announced the first week in March 2008. Also please be considerate of the weight allowances – think light weight, for example – colored pencils vs a ream of paper. All of this has to be carried down by the students and chaperones.

First Choice from the Prize Pool goes to the person who knits the most sweaters.

Second Choice goes to to person who donates the most school supplies

Third Choice goes to the first sweater completed and delivered

And a fourth prize winner will be a Random Drawing from everyone else who participated and got their donations in before Feb. 15th. (Sock Yarn)


5 responses to “Charity Knitting Anyone?

  1. Lynne, I’m not sure if I will be able to knit something in time. But I will make some sort of donation. Can I buy something at Walmart? I’m not sure if that would be distasteful- do they have sweatshops there?

    Seriously, I will pick up some pencils and crayons at the very least.

  2. I will be happy to send whatever I can, for the children. Please give me an address that I may ship to. I heard of your trip from the bookmark KAL on Yahoo. Lois

  3. Hi Lynne!

    I just found this entry. What patterns are you using for the sweaters? I can try to crank something out for you. Are vests accepted or not?

    Do you read Abby Franquemont of She wrote a fabulous post on the people of Chinchero and the book that Interweave Press has released. Go read it-“A First Look at Something Huge”. I just got the book. She grew up with the author.

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  5. I finally got here to actually read this post! I know Miss B has outgrown stuff that they could use, and this will give me a good reason (other than the fact that they’re taking over her room, which doesn’t seem to motivate either of us sufficiently) to winnow her clothes.

    And I’ll start working on that sweater.

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