A Rainy Friday

The rain is coming down hard and fast.  I’m just glad this isn’t snow right now.   Either way it still would have been a good morning to stay in snuggled in bed with the cats, my knitting, and the clicker in hand.  But I didn’t.

So instead of showing your grey day photos, how about this beautiful bright red alpaca silk scarf.  It’s all finished except for the blocking.  I probably could get away without blocking, but I think blocking makes the end product look really finished.  I still have plenty of time to get it to Jonathan, he isn’t scheduled to arrive before the very end of January.  Maybe I will send it as an early Valentine.  The color is certainly perfect.


Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran – 5 skeins used

Needles:    US 8 (5.00 mm) Bamboo

Unblocked size 5 inches wide, 66 inches long – most likely it will be the same after blocking as this yarn seems to spring back to shape once it’s dry.

Pattern:  Broken rib

Cast on 30 stitches

Row 1: K2, P1 repeat ending with a K1

Row 2: P1, K2 repeat ending with a P1

Repeat until you run out of yarn.

This is a quick and mindless scarf to knit, but I loved the way it came out.  The pattern is perfect for this very soft, squishy, drapy yarn.


3 responses to “A Rainy Friday

  1. It’s raining here, too. With thunder. In January.

  2. Oh, the scarf is wonderful. There is just something about a bright red scarf- they really do seem to perk up a dreary day!

  3. Love the scarf, and the color is terrif 🙂 I was hoping to make it to PD tomorrow but I ended up back in the hospital this week – just got home this afternoon, and probably won’t be up to it 😦 Keep me posted about Wed though – I should be fine by then (fingers crossed!!!!) I am so looking forward to it, like you can’t believe lol.

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