A is for ANOTHER Snow Day…

I am not doing the ABC-along and technically it’s a work from home day for me. But since we all knew school had been canceled as of 7pm last night. I got the teens. Apparently, this has been the house that they want to hang out at.


They sit around and play video games for hours and hours. Then they feed like a plague of locusts. They got a huge breakfast and for lunch they got American Chop Suey. Now they are all cranky and really could use a nap.  Hmmm I think I am feeding them to well and that is probably why they keep coming back.

We got about a foot of snow total but the temps are going to drop and it’s going to get really cold. I hate when the really cold weather comes.


To think you could see the lawn yesterday.

The one good thing about teenaged boys is that you can send them out to shovel and they finish in minutes what would take me at least an hour to do.  I have to pace myself, they don’t.


3 responses to “A is for ANOTHER Snow Day…

  1. But then after they shovel they are hungry again!

  2. wow, look at all those teens! And they did a great job on the drive

  3. wow – a hitherto unsuspected side benefit of teenagers hanging around your house – excellent! I bet they’d walk my silly dog, too. Hm…..

    Yes, you feed them and who knows what’ll happen. I used to have a running joke with someone or other that tourists would go on a bus and be instructed by loudspeaker, “we are entering the theatre district, ladies and gentlemen; I must ask you to keep your arms and legs safely in the bus, and PLEASE – do not feed the actors!”

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