Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes

Did you know that in 1967 the Summer of Love in Haight Ashbury, San Fransisco started this week with a Human Be In at the Golden Gate Park, who da thunk!? LOL!  And on January 16, 1954 in upstate NY a young bride of just over a year gave birth to her eldest (and favorite) child… ME!

I just want to say thank you so much to the ladies, both my knitting friends, and non-knitting-but-soon-to-be-indoctrinated-into-the-fiberlicious-world-of-knitting friends for celebrating my birthday with me last night.

We all went to see the Indy movie Juno.  Most of the ladies gave it a thumbs up, even my Darling Daughter liked it and I had to drag her kicking and screaming to come with us.

The movie was hilarious and poignant. The filming was excellent, the dialog was amazing and the characters were wonderful. I really loved this movie and cannot say enough good things about it. Go see it!

We went to see it at Chunky’s Cinema Pub.  Which is always fun because you get to drink margaritas, eat burgers, sit in former limousine seats and watch a currently released film. Does it get any better?

Miss Geekpixie showed up with the first completed sweater for the kids of Peru!  So she wins a prize.  It is the adorable striped one that is finished in the middle.  I’m still working on my first (the purple lump on the right) and my sister is working on a green sweater using her hand dyed Kona on the left.  Sadly I have run out of the yarn I got out of the sale bin of the local LYS.  I will just have to add accent ribbing on the bottom and the neck from something in my ‘left over’ stash. I’m sure there is something in there that will work.


demon-spawn-and-jena.jpg jen.jpg nicole-and-amber.jpg my-sister.jpg lovely-laurel.jpg mary-and-nancy.jpg kristini-and-libbie.jpg

Click the pics to embiggen.

Demon Spawn Daughter and Jena (aka Harpy), Jennifer, who is just off her death bed and came in spite of not feeling 100% yet. Nicole and Amberlicious

Row 2: my sister Cindy , the Lovely Laurel, Mary and Nancy.

Row 3: my niece Kristini and Libbie girl

Of course Liz arrived in the nick of time (which means in time to order a margarita and food just before the lights went down for the movie to start (so sorry no pic).

Thank you ladies for making number 54 so special, I love you all.


6 responses to “Hippo Birdie, Two Ewes

  1. I’m glad you had a happy day! I had fun, too. I really enjoyed the movie…and the company, of course.

  2. Well, it was a great time! 🙂

    Happy birthday and thanks for having us all out to celebrate! 🙂

  3. Yes, this was a fantastic idea and we have to do it again. Loved the movie – I have been looking for an opportunity to use the word “vag” all day today. So far no luck 😉 Glad you had a great day.

  4. Sounds like a great time! Happy birthday.

  5. Lynne!!! I’m very bummed I missed your very fun birthday. I think I was in the jungle that day….anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’ll see you very soon I hope 🙂

  6. A very belated happy birthday to you! I’m sorry I missed it. Stupid choral rehearsal. (The concert is March 1 btw.)

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