Today is Crank Up the Volume on your Stereo Day

That is so you won’t hear my wailing over this.


Note the big honking hole in the heel!  These were my first socks knit from my first hand dyed, hand spun f*ugly yarn.  WHAAAA!  I don’t think they are salvageable (ie darn-able) but I do have to say I wore them every week (sometimes twice a week) for many, many weeks.  I didn’t even notice they were getting thin in that spot either. I better go and check all my other hand knit socks right away.  This could be serious!

I’m coming into the home stretch of my kid sweater.  All that is left is the neck ribbing, itty bitty underarm seam sewing, weaving in the ends and blocking.  Phew,   I might even be able to get a second one done.


6 responses to “Today is Crank Up the Volume on your Stereo Day

  1. It’s not just me and my gnarly feet :-).

  2. If you had some yarn that matches even remotely you could try a bit of an afterthought heel. They don’t look darnable but you might be able to salvage them that way. It would be a crying shame not to be able to wear them!

  3. Try an afterthought heel… put in a lifeline, rip out the offending areas and see if it works… the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t! 🙂
    I’m sure there are instructions somewhere on this great int0rw3bz that show you how.

    Good luck!

  4. Yup, I’m having the same sort of week- I’ve blown SEVERAL holes in two pairs of socks. ???

  5. Oh No! I’m so sorry to see what has happened to your poor sock. I agree with the rest. After thought heel is the way to go. If you need an EZ book I can drop one off tomorrow!

  6. The Green Witch

    If you made and dyed the yarn and then kitted the sock this is a prime candidate for careful washing, pressing and then mounting and framing – put it up on your wall!

    BTW the yarn isn’t ugly – I love it. Pink is a great colour.

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