Best kept secrets


This is one of my all time favorite breakfast spots.  It’s rarely crowded, the food is awesome (REAL Eggs Benedict with poached eggs served with homefries for $7) and you get to watch planes land and take off along with the occasional helicopter.

If you have kids I highly recommend bringing them here for breakfast or lunch on a beautiful sunny day.


 I did not make it to Sunday knitting, I had to take Rotten Teenager to Grandma’s for supervision, since they have today off for Martin Luther King day and I do not.  Since she behaved totally irresponsibly on Friday night, she’s in the dog house yet again.

I did manage to get some knitting in between rounds of laundry.  I finished the top down raglan and I’m almost finished (a couple of inches to go) on the front of the the other pullover I’m knitting for the Chinchero kids.   If anyone is interested in quickly knitting kids sweaters or vests for a chance at prizes and you missed the info.  Check here.  February 15th is the absolute deadline.


3 responses to “Best kept secrets

  1. Damn, I wish I knew that a few years ago when I was at FSC! I don’t think it will be too hard to twist Dave’s arm into going out there, though. Any excuse to bum around the ‘burg and reminisce about old times. (I’ve been searching for good Eggs Benedict, anyway.)

  2. I love me a nice poached egg 🙂 Very few restaurants will make them anymore, it seems…

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