Beware the Witches Mark…

The Mark that wards off “ye evills of witchcraft and diverse other manifestations of devilltry”    So much for that working LOL.  On Sunday my sister, brother-in-law, mom and I all appeased my dad and drove an hour and half through snowy conditions to have dinner at the Salem Cross Inn – so named for the Witches Mark found on the original door latch.

So Dad has apparently been wanting to attend their Fireside Dinner for awhile and insisted wanted us to go with him.  So to please the old guy and in spite of none of us really wanting to be there, we make the trek out.

The event started out with a ride in a horse drawn wagon.


This is Thunder and Lightning (our horses).  It was snowing and cold.  Doesn’t my sister and brother-in-law look like they are having fun?


I know my Mom looks thrilled – she tried to get out of it but my sister and I wouldn’t let her.  See how happy she looks!


So after the ride you come in and get your hot mulled cider or wine with some cheese and crackers.  You can also help with the preparation of your meal by peeling apples for the pie, and stirring the seafood chowder over a big open fire in the big open fireplace. 

Dad tried his hand at peeling apples for the pie.


Then all 200 of us filed into the dining room and got to eat the chowder, bread, prime rib dinner with apple pie for dessert.  The food was very good.  If you are ever in the area I would recommend it for lunch or dinner.  All in all it was fun, sort of.  We were all happy to head home with our tummies full and for making Dad happy.

Of course when I called him the next day to thank him again for the ‘treat’ he started talking about going back out this summer for the Drover’s Dinner.  I guess I know what Dad is getting for his birthday.

On the knitting front…

I have been very negligent on this second sweater.  I only have 2 inches left on both sleeves to knit then I just have to put it together – I still have 2 weeks.

Instead I have been seduced into knitting  Irish Mists, Peat Bogs, & Gorseby Carol Rasmussen Noble with my hand-dyed hand-spun.  I am loving how it’s a mindless 2 line pattern that is knitting up quickly.

Last night we had two new people join the Javaroom Knitters – Hi Wendy!  Hi Curran!  It was lovely to meet you both and I hope we see you often!

Only 21 days until NETA SPA!  I cannot wait to sit in a hot tub and have room service at the Hilton!

On Politics…

I was very sorry to see John Edwards bow out.  I was really hoping he would hang in at least through the ‘super Tuesday’ primaries next week.  Now I don’t know who I will vote for, I may vote Republican just to make sure Mitt-head doesn’t win Massachusetts.  That would take some wind out of those sails.  I just love how he spins his so called accomplishments from being Governor when in reality most of his time as Governor was spent out of state pre-campaigning for a run for the presidency where much of the time he made fun of people from Massachusetts.    He’s a parsel tongue and would say anything to be in power.  He’s an empty suit and a scary one to boot.


5 responses to “Beware the Witches Mark…

  1. I like the scarf, and I LOVE your hat you were wearing on your ride! CUUUTE!

    Will you be at Open Studios this weekend? 🙂

  2. The dinner looks like fun and it would be even better in warm weather, I bet.
    Re: Edwards, I coudn’t agree more and I was thinking of doing the same type of vote thing next Tuesday. Every time I see Romney I want to smack him.

  3. Obama is going to have to be my man now. I wouldn’t consider voting for Hillary, especially after that campaign volunteer thanked me for “voting anyway” when I told her I wasn’t voting for Hillary in the primaries.

  4. What a great outing – I want to go check it out myself! (And I also love your hat btw.) On voting Republican: I just heard from a friend in FL who went to vote and was horrified to find that she’d been erroneously registered as a Repub – after the initial shock wore off she marched in and voted for Ron Paul 🙂

  5. The Green Witch

    Sounds like a great day out – good for you for making your Dad happy. The food sounds wonderful!
    From Britain, Obama looks like a respectable man and someone with principles – neither things you could accuse Team Clinton of! 🙂

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