The Winter of Our Discontent

Spring cannot come fast enough for me this year. Usually I don’t mind the New England winters but this one has been particularly long and unsettling.

I’m not a football fan so I didn’t really have an emotional investment in last nights Super Bowl. Yes, it would have been cool to see the Patriots win with a perfect season. But it still was a great game to watch.

I did go knitting on Sunday afternoon. The Peddler’s Daughter was practically empty. We did get our waiter to try his hand at knitting – he likes it, a new knitter may have been born yesterday and that is a good thing.

I got some cool photos from a friend of mine to share.


This is darling daughter when we were up at Hermit Island this past summer – she had ‘trimmed’ her hair herself. We think this should be her first album cover.


This is our ritual circle after the first snow of the season.


This one is me at Hermit Island this summer – looking out over the ocean. Gee I look like my Aunt Gladys! I sure am getting old!

Saturday was open studio, I had a raging headache but managed to get there and make it through the day. I’m so glad I did. It was quiet and not very many people came through. But one of the other artists who is right down the hall from us (Signe Kaleel) had purchased some of my hand dyed roving a while back which she had used in in a mixed media piece that she had submitted to a local gallery and it won a prize! The piece is now showing at one of the colleges in New Hampshire. She had postcards made up with the piece on it and she brought me a copy. I tried to photograph the card, so here’s a picture of a picture that is bad. But it gives you an idea of her work. I love it when people show what they did with my yarns and fibers.


It should be in her studio in a couple of months…. I hope I get to see it in person!


5 responses to “The Winter of Our Discontent

  1. LOVE the ritual circle in brick. I once made one in the woods entirely out of river stones, but I like your brick version MUCH more.

  2. I think that is a great picture of you – peaceful and content. (And how could you not be, with such a great view?)

  3. The Green Witch

    That ritual circle is something else – very nice indeed. And your daughter’s pic is great – does it capture her spirit perfectly? 🙂

  4. I love that pic of you. The one of DD…well, that’s a tad racy for a 16 yr old, no?

  5. Ugh! If you were already going nuts from this winter I hope you didn’t get all the snow we got last night!

    Love the photos, especially the ritual circle.

    How cool to see your roving in the piece! Where in NH is it, do you know?

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