on and on and on…

The first snowfall of this season was on November 2oth, 2007…  there has been snow on the ground ever since (I think).  At least it seams that way.  That is TWELVE WEEKS of winter so far, but who’s counting?

It’s bitter cold outside and there is more snow on the way and we still have the rest of February, 31 days of March and most of April to go.  That is at least another 9 to 10 weeks of this shit crap cold winter weather.

At least there is spa to look forward to, although now I am wishing that instead of moving it further north, we should be thinking south… much further south, like the southern hemisphere south, like Hawaii south.

I think I am finally in the pit of the winter doldrums.


3 responses to “on and on and on…

  1. Sigh…I hear you on the cold. At least we have good reason to knit 🙂 And drink cider.

  2. This winter is out of control!!! I swear all the snow we have up here won’t be melted until Halloween!

  3. and I am totally, completely sick of winter by now.


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