Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is day of romance, and/or chocolate depending on your relationship status.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had any romance in my life, and to be honest I don’t really miss it much, so I am going for the chocolate.  Fiber apparently has also filled that love void.  I don’t think my stash would ever cheat on me, not to mention it keeps me warm day AND night.  And it doesn’t bitch when I put my cold feet up against it, nor does it get angry when I neglect it for a long period of time.

At least the sun is out after the horrible snow, sleet, slush, rain from yesterday.  But it’s still cold and all the snowy, slushy gunk is now tundra cement.  Is it Spring yet?

Here is my new love project.   It’s the Terttu Shawl that I am knitting in my hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn that I think looks like Watermelon Tourmaline.  It’s a free pattern too, so more to love.

tourmaline-shawl.jpg tourmaline-closeup.jpg

Tonight I am so looking forward to a quiet night of solo Valentine celebration.  I’ve planned to fix myself The Pioneer Woman’s Rib Eye Steak, with a baked potato, salad and of course chocolates for dessert.  DD probably won’t be home, and she’s not eating meat right now, unless of course it’s a Big Mac or something equally disgusting.   I love her blog, her love story, her marlboro man.  Cowboys in chaps make me smile.

I gave DD a few trinkets and a nice sentimental card this morning and she actually liked both the card and the trinkets.  I even got a big hug…  I guess the mood stabilizers are finally kicking in.  Although she is complaining that she feels like a zombie.  I have tried to explain that it’s going to feel ‘flat’ right now, but it beats the roller coaster of emotions and it’s really closer to ‘normal’ than what she has come to know as ‘normal’.

Jonathan left me a message this morning, he got his red scarf just in time for a snow storm and just before the plow took out his mailbox and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  He loves it. 🙂  I told him it was my long distance hug.

I seem to have some good karma coming my way recently.  Let’s just hope it rubs off on the mega lottery drawing this week.  How sweet that would be.

Back to the karma.  Recently both of my knitting groups have gained some new and wonderful knitters hi ladies!  One in particular mentioned that she has a small flock of Rambouillet sheep.  When I asked what she did with the fleece she said “nothing, it’s all stuffed in my garage, do you want it?”  My heart skipped a beat.  She’s also said I could have this springs fleece too if I want it.  Now I have no idea how much wool this is, and she says she’s skirted it to!  I haven’t shared this with the ladies I spin with yet, and it sounds like there will be plenty to share.  If it’s as nice as I am hoping, I’m thinking of just having it sent out to be processed into roving.  I just hope I am not jinxing this by mentioning it before the bird is in the hand.  I’m excited to spin Rambouillet, I haven’t before.  I hear it’s wonderful though.

My sister is leaving on Sunday for Peru.  We are still waiting for two sweaters to get finished by Friday.  Come on Lucia!  I know you can do it!  I will be at the studio on Saturday around noonish until late afternoon, if anyone wants to stop by.  I’ll be dying some yarn and maybe some rovings too if I have time.  I won’t have my camera for photos for a couple of weeks.  I promised to loan it to my sister for her trip.  At least my camera gets to go somewhere warm and exciting.

Oh another Karma plus I forgot to mention!  I won the first SPA anticipation contest on NETA.  These contests are run on the email list leading up to the big SPA weekend (8 days and counting!) I was totally surprised to have my name picked.  I look forward to receiving the skein.  Pics when I get it and my camera back.


4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh, wow! You are having some luck these days. How long has this woman been stashing fleece in her garage?

    I wish I could make it down to see you this weekend, but we may have to wait for Maine for our next visit.

  2. I recently had the same thing happen to me too! I was given promises of 2 Corriedale fleeces from a local vet and a Dorset and Tunis from someone in town whose daughter had them as 4H projects and are now grazing “lawn ornaments”. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

  3. Yay, for knitting group expansion and seredipitous conjunctions of awesome people!


  4. I know why that steak is called “Pioneer Woman’s Ribeye” – it’s because it fills your house with smoke the way pioneer women’s houses probably filled with smoke because they had open fires.

    I love the steak but I think I’ll prepare it at someone else’s house in future! LOL

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