Will Knit For Sex


No I don’t know these people. One of my knitting (and blogless) buddies emailed it to me (Hi Abby!) and I just thought it was too funny not to share.

Tomorrow I am off to Freeport for the NETA Spa, Knit and Spin weekend.  See you there!


4 responses to “Will Knit For Sex

  1. We had planned to drive up Sat am but due to the snow we’re hitting the road tomorrow afternoon. I’ve packed some soap for you!

  2. Have fun and careful travels!!

  3. omg you guys are too funny 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend, I am totally jealous!!

  4. the true story of this picture…thats me in the norfolk southern hat…the woman with the hat on is one of the nicest people you would want to know…this was a prank we pulled at a gathering in Pennsylvania…after the picture was taken…i thanked her for very nice sense of humor…it was fun and as innocent as possible…remember this…as you get older you can still have a sense of humor…and have fun…my thanks to the fine lady in this picture…

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