The after math, the after glow?

Sorry no pics yet, the camera is still in Peru.

Yes, teenagers still really suck. DD had all last week off from school and I had more teens hanging out at the house all week long. For a while I thought I had acquired a few extras. So naturally she couldn’t possibly spend the weekend away from them while I was planning on being in Maine for the weekend. So she cooked up a little scheme to stay with one of her friends instead of MY friends. Unfortunately this all went horribly awry until we were able to speak with the parents of the aforementioned friend to confirm that indeed they were going to be home and that yes they were “delighted” to have Grace for the weekend. I think they felt guilty that their teen had spent almost the entire week at my house and they felt obligated to return the ‘favor’. Not to mention they were quiet happy to see their child again.

Once that was straightened out we were on our way to Freeport, Maine. Did I mention there was a freaking snow storm going on and the roads were just getting worse and worse while we awaited the finalization of plans and delivered the teens. They couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just leave the house unlocked for them to hang out in until they were ready to leave for weekend. Ya right!

One good thing about leaving late was that most of the commuters had left earlier so we just hit the tail end of the traffic – the bad thing was the roads were horrendously bad. We decided the screaming we used to change lanes in 6 inches of slippery slush ruts actually improves your tractions. Sort of like an AWD spell πŸ™‚

We really started getting hungry around Old Orchard. It was dark and close to 8pm so we decided to get off the highway and see what we could find before it got too late. Right off the exit was the usual Mickey D’s but we wanted real food, so headed north up Route 1. We drove about 5 miles or so it seemed and nothing appeared to be open. Suddenly in the distance we see a string of white christmas lights and a big sign on the side of a building that read “THAI FOOD”. We slid into the parking lot and yes! it was open. We had managed to find Chaba’s on Route 1 in Scarborough. Their food was excellent and the service was great. After filling up on Chicken Basil, Tom Kum Soup, and Tofu Pad Thai we all felt much better and even sampled their pumpkin custard… delicious!

By the time we got to the Hilton it was after 10pm…. we had missed the blogger meetup and frankly I was so stressed from the horrible drive I just wanted to get into my jammies, fix a cocktail and have a lie down.

By the next morning we were all refreshed and ready to grab some breakfast and check out what was happening. Just as we were heading down to breakfast, Brian called, he was almost there. So L and M decided to head up to the other inn to check out the spa treatments and do some shopping. I think they were just avoiding the learn to knit session I had ‘promised’ them.

So while they went off, Brian and I went to check out the vendors. I got to meet Deb, of the Irish Ewe, she was the person that taught Brian to spin πŸ™‚ I picked up some of her Jacobs fleece. It is so soft and yummy. It’s hard to believe that the roving which is black and white came from the same sheep. It’s going to spin up beautifully! I think I will separate the colors, spin the singles then ply the colors together.

I had barely made it past the first vendor when we ran into some of my local knitting friends. Hi Ladies πŸ™‚ They had already made the rounds and tipped us off to some great deals. I finally made it over to Spunky’s in the corner and came away with about 4 oz. of her lovely Merino Cashmere in the Dogwood colorway – it’s just lovely! I also picked up one of Anne Hanson’s (Knit Spot) patterns (the Orchid Lace Mitts) This pattern is perfect for this. I’m doing them up in a test run out of some Koigu that I had. D(arling) D(aughter) will love these.

Then Brian and I hung out knitting and spinning in the Town Hall building next to the Hilton. I got to see quite a people from the Westford Spinning group and a few from the Island Pond Spinners, and others I have met at previous spas. It was a very relaxing way to spend a sunny Saturday. Eventually my non-fiber friends found us and got their knitting lesson. Both of them picked it up quickly – but one of them is a lefty and I showed her how to hold her yarn in the continental method… but later as I am watching her I realized that somewhere she had switched her hands and was literally knitting backwards. But she was doing it very well. LOL!

We decided to skip the fashion show – too crowded with too many people. So instead we headed off to the Mediterranean Grill. The food was spectacular. Brian is vegetarian and there was lots of delicious dishes to choose from. We started with their cold appetizer platter of, Eggplant salad, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, white bean salad and a carrot salad. It was so good! I would definitely eat there again.

Then after dinner we managed to meet up with Julie to read her tarot cards. She and I had negotiated a trade – card reading for her homemade soap! It smells so good, but I’m going to let it cure a little longer so it lasts longer. I cannot wait to try her loofah soap. I hope she liked her reading.

Eventually we landed back at the Hilton and just kicked back for some knitting and cocktails, and some late hot tubing. The entire weekend was deliciously relaxing. I really didn’t want to come home.

I did hear from my cousin Jen who is leading the Peru trip just before I left on Friday. They are all doing well and no one has had any problems with altitude sickness. I guess the shots my sister had before she left worked out well. Jen also alluded to having documented proof on film of my sister on horse back. This is hilarious to me and other members of my family and I’m sure to the friends I’ve told the British horse story to. Let’s just say my sister loved horses growing up, I did not. Mom would arraign and pay for her to have lessons. Then with in a lesson or two Cindy would break her arm and I would get to take the lessons. I hated them but could actually ride… Cindy cannot (see British Horse story). If you don’t know it, ask me about it and I will be happy to share it. Let’s just say that a photo with my sister on the back of a horse will be treasured. I just hope she wasn’t too saddle sore. By now I am sure they are up in the Andes with little or no internet access. I’m sure they are having a wonderful time.

Oh and of course since nothing is ever easy with my family, when I got home on Sunday, mom called to let me know that my Dad is in the hospital. He has the flu and he’s having a hard time breathing and they are concerned about his heart. He’s also contagious… I have spoken with him and he does sound very weezy, he seems in good spirits and we are hoping they let him come home soon. Send good, healing wishes if you can. Thanks.


3 responses to “The after math, the after glow?

  1. It was so nice to see you this weekend and I absolutely enjoyed the reading. It was a fun intro to something quite new to me. Thanks again for that! Please let me know what you think of the soap when you try it.

  2. I got to see you for, what, 10 seconds? See you tomorrow night, I hope.

  3. The Woolley Farm

    Hi Lynne, it was great meeting you this weekend. Can I order up some of the roving that Brandon had spun up? He showed me the Surprise Sweater he was making for a baby. The roving was mostly pink with some green stuff in it too. It was awesome and I’d like 8 ounces. Not sure what it was but I want it!
    Brian said you guys would be dyeing soon (note the important “e” in there—) and there’s no rush.
    Deb from The Irish Ewe and The Woolley Farm

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