My camera is back… and so is my sister!


And she brought back 17 – SEVENTEEN! Kilos! of Alpaca Yarn


One of the cones is MINE!

Here are some of her photos from Peru.  Look closely you may see a couple of the sweaters that we sent down.



And they “loved” the art supplies!


this little boy kept his school supplies close.  I don’t think he was planning on sharin.  LOL!

These little girls were adorable and quite smitten with their art supplies.


Now photos from the Weaving Co-op


Cindy getting Spinning lessons.



Fiber Prep Before and After


Natural Fiber Dyes (check some of the colors hanging on the back wall)


Weaving a table runner


Women weaving for the co-op

Now for the contest announcement that I am sure you have all been waiting for.

and the winners are…..

First Sweater turned in goes to Amber – Amber you have won one of Cindy’s scarves.

The most hand knitted items prize goes to Judy – you can pick if you want some hand dyed yarn, or if you would prefer some hand dyed roving  (let me know)

the random name picked out of the hat… goes to Gerry!  Cindy has some of her hand dyed cotton for you since we know you love cotton yarn.

We added another prize winner – only because we thought it deserved one.  The prize is for completing the sweater at the last possible moment and of course this goes to Lucia!  Lucia you can pick either hand-painted yarn or my hand-dyed roving.

We want to thank all of you who participated in this little contest.

Cindy will be guest blogging her trip report soon.  She had a great time, except maybe for the food…


Roasted Guinea Pig anyone?


8 responses to “Peru

  1. OMG, that little girl with my vest is deadly cute.

    And I was worried it would be small!

  2. And oh yay! I love Cindy’s Scarves!!!! =)

  3. Eeek, guinea pig on a platter! Look at all those happy kiddos. 🙂

    And that much alpaca? Swoon.

  4. I just realized that the way I wrote that, it sounds like the happy children are somehow connected to the guinea pig meal. Oops. 🙂

  5. What great photos! Looks like all the kids were happy!

    Looks like the weaving co-op was amazing. I love the natural dyed yarns.

  6. I bet that Alpaca was WAY cheap down there! Love Cindy in the hat 🙂

  7. That’s a lot of alpaca, even by my standards. I can’t believe I won and didn’t even know it until now. Hmm, decisions, decisions…

  8. i won a prize? cool- and yes- that’s perfect!

    love the pictures and can’t wait to hear more about the trip 🙂

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