Decisions, decisions…

Cindy brought me a cone (2.2 lbs) of lovely ecru alpaca 3/10.  We figured there is approx. 3600 yards of this soft creamy three-ply that is somewhere around fingering weight.  Sure that is enough to knit a sweater… but I would die of heat stroke if I tried to wear an alpaca sweater.  Besides this so wants needs to be a shawl (or two!).  Which brings me to the decision part.

Which shawl?  I have about 20 of them in my ravelry queue and at least 4 lace and shawl books at home.  Right now I’m thinking either the Victorian Lace or the Golden Nugget .  But then there are so many beautiful lace shawls in the Victorian Lace Shawl book and the Folk Shawl book and the list goes on and on.

I just had to swatch a little bit up last night and it’s just lovely.  Whatever it turns into it’s going to be gorgeous.

I finished my Noro Socks – no fancy pattern just my plain vanilla sock pattern that fits nicely and shows off the colorway.  I soaked them and they are now hanging up to dry.  I sure hope they get softer with the wash.  That is what everyone says.  I’ll have to be careful they don’t end up in the washing machine, I am pretty sure they would felt and that would be a complete bummer.

Dye day this weekend!  I cannot wait I have lots of stuff to dye.  Keep your eye out for new stuff in the etsy shop soon.


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