I got noth’n

Although it’s been a busy week, and I have been knitting away,  I got nothing to show for it yet.  I have just been so tired for some reason.  I cannot believe it’s just the hour we lost last Sunday with switching the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time.  It is nice to come out of work with at least another hour or so of daylight to enjoy.

My current knitting projects include:

Swatching for the Veil of Isis Shawl.  Finishing up the fingerless lace mitts, and starting the ‘other’ fingerless lace mitts that I hope to finish before Sunday’s birthday party.   Harpy was right – the Orchid ones are definitely Memories yarn from Knitpicks and not the Artyarn as I previously stated – so much for lost tags.  The “other” fingerless gloves are being knit from one of the STR sock club skeins from last year.  It’s their silkie sock yarn and I don’t see the colorway up on their site.  But is is very pretty, you will just have to trust me on that until I get pics of the completed project.

I finished and sent in my tax returns via e-filing on Monday.  My refund was in my bank account on Thursday.  NICE!

I am planning on spending the day Saturday at the studio doing some fiber dyeing.  I have about 15 different colorways in my head (and written down) that I want to try.  I might even try doing some pastel to medium color saturation too.  I love the intense colors but I want to try to expand the repertoire so to speak.  I’ve also been trying to move out of my color comfort zone semi-successfully this year.  Using more earth tones and getting comfortable with the browns, oranges and golds.  It’s still so easy to get sucked back into the purples, blues and greens that continue to call me like a sirens song.

This weekend there a lots of parties on the calendar, so tonight I am baking Irish Soda Bread to bring along.  Traditional soda bread is rather tasteless and dry so I like to add the raisins (or currants) and caraway seeds to my recipe.  I will not be adding green food coloring however.  What is it with dyeing everything green for St. Patrick’s Day?  Blech.  Save your food coloring for the Ostera celebration and dyeing the eggs.  Or even better wait until after the “Easter” holidays and buy the egg dyeing kits for .10 each and dye fiber with them.

I got an email from the Lowell Summer Music Series today too.  So far they have an awesome lineup for Boarding House Park:

The Indigo Girls are coming back again.  They were awesome last year.  Some new faces this year; Taj Mahal, Robert Gray and Arlo Guthrie, just to name a few.  I may have to by a season’s ticket this year.  Stay tuned for more names to be announced.

I guess that was a little more than noth’n.  Have a great weekend and be careful if you are out celebrating Saint Paddy’s Day.


One response to “I got noth’n

  1. The Green Witch

    Goddess, I love Indigo Girls. When I was at college in Edinburgh, they played the Queen’s Hall two doors away from my apartment building. The are fantastic live – if only I could sing like that!! Hey well, I keep trying (poor everyone around me)

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