Respect My Authority

Happy Birthday Michelle!



Ya they look all innocent but they aren’t 🙂

Michelle learned to knit for her birthday – I expect we will be seeing lots of little fru-fru doggie coats in the future. hmmm – I wonder if there are patterns for Iquana sweaters – probably somewhere on line. LOL!

Everything I knit this weekend must be frogged – that is what you get for not paying attention. I did finish spinning and plying the Merino Cashmere from Spunky Eclectic (Dogwood colorway). It came out more brown than expected but still pretty. I need to set the ply and count the yardage.

I did get to the studio and did vast amounts of dyeing with Brian – but no pics yet.


I got tickets for this years True Colors Tour in Boston – Cyndi Lauper, of course but the best surprise! The B-52s!!!!!


4 responses to “Respect My Authority

  1. B-52’s…*sigh* 🙂 Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. you’re living in your own private Idaho
    living in your own private Idaho
    underground like a wild potato

    (I ❤ B-52’s!)

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for the compliment 😉 She has a bit of me and a bit on my husband…but a lot all her own!Hi Didi! Pasta always makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂 She has a "Brave" t-shirt!! And yes she kinda reminds me of her :)Hi Rosa! Thanks!Hi Ling! Thanks for the vote of confidence!Hi Mrs. Herb! I am always up for pasta! :)Hi BettyAnn! Hope you like it!Hi Midge! The days just fly past!!Hi Laura! Cream and banl.n..deficiteoy walking the sinful line 😉

    • Yeah I agree. As far as fighting-game-movie-adaptations go, I’d rank them like this:Street Fighter < DOA < Mortal KombatSF would have been higher if Jean-Claude Van Damme weren’t involved

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