“Spring is here!”,

said the bumble bee.

“How do you know?”, asked the old oak tree.

“I just saw a daffodil dancing with the fairies on a windy hill!”

That song brings back fond memories of Miss Ames, my first grade teacher.  She always wore red lipstick, and taught us many songs for every season.  I wish I could remember them all.

It’s been so grey and dismal this past week it’s hard to believe that the first day of spring has actually arrived.

I have so many things to take pictures of and post about but unfortunately the job and teenager-from-hell are getting in the way right now.  Why do they both have to blow at the same time?  I know life’s not fair.

I am so tempted to run away from home. But alas and alack… dependable Capricorns just don’t have it in their nature to run away.  Maybe I’ll just spend one entire day this weekend in my jammies watching old movies and knitting instead.

Little progress is being made on the Isis Shawl – I think I need to go to a bigger needle, but I’m not looking forward to ripping it out.

I did finish Michelle’s wrist warmers and I need to drop those off to her.

I still have several single socks that need their mates.

But then I just bought Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark.  I love her lace shawls and this book is really interesting and it’s tempting me away from the single socks and Isis do-over.   Then there is all the lace yarn I space dyed recently.  It’s a vicious circle I tell you.

There have been a couple of discussions on Ravelry and other forums regarding how can you tell if you have too many patterns in the queue (Ravelry or otherwise).  I know I have patterns queued up that if I knit 7/24 for the rest of my life I would never possibly put a dent into the wait list.  But then there is all the yarn that is in the stash waiting to be turned into one of those queue projects.  So I ask you which comes first the pattern or the yarn?  In my case I think they have formed a conspiracy and I’ve already fallen down that rabbit hole.  At least I have things to look forward to in my old age retirement.


3 responses to ““Spring is here!”,

  1. I bought that book recently too, it’s a good un. Oh and whatever you do *don’t* go and look at my queue, it might give you a heart attack though I’ve actually seen much longer ones even than mine. I think of it more as a wish list 🙂

    I hope the kid and the job start treating you better!

  2. Despite my best intentions, my rav queue keeps growing…and growing…thanks in large part to Julie, (see above) 😉 I vote you stay home in your jammies and knit. Hell, I vote *we all* stay home in our jammies and knit. And banish all kids (and most men) from the house, unless they are bearing windex and a dustrag. Revolution now!

  3. My queue is fairly short only because of my pattern allergy. But, given my speed at designing and knitting and pretty much of anything else — picture a snail on ‘ludes — I had better live to a ripe old age even to make a small dent.

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