I would have posted this yesterday, but you might have thought it was an April Fools joke… It’s not.

Yesterday the oil company came and filled my tank…  at $3.909 per gallon my total bill was over $800!

Meanwhile the oil execs are making huge profits but it’s “not their fault” the prices are so high.  Yeah right!

Oh, and then there was this little tidbit that seemed to fly under the radar.   Apparently if you are a female serving in the armed forces in Iraq you have a better chance of getting sexually assaulted by a member of your unit than you do of getting killed.


One response to “Outrageous

  1. Totally outrageous! We haven’t paid our last oil bill because we don’t want them to bring any more oil this season. We’ll pay it when it gets warm and stays that way. Or when they call to collect.

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