Playing hookie and new finds

Last Friday I just had to take a day off. My stress level was off the charts and I just needed some down time. Not really ‘down’ time as in spend the day in my jammies and taking to my bed… no, more like I just need to do something other than work today.

I had recently ordered and received some new fiber dyes that I wanted to play with. Gaywool Dyes from Louet. These are really simple to use with a minimum amount of equipment or fuss. There is no need to presoak in anything but water; you see the acid is already in the dye.

These dyes come in crystallized form that you dissolve in hot boiling water. I still painted the dyes on the presoaked fiber, and then used my steamer to set the dyes.

I don’t know if was because I was using the soft pastel shades but they seemed to exhaust quickly and easily, leaving very little rinsing required.

And last but not least the colors came out lovely. I would highly recommend these to anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with chemicals, or vinegar, etc. These can easily be used in a crock-pot or microwave too.

I dyed some BFL Superwash roving that I recently acquired. It took the dyes very nicely. I also had some white Shetland roving that I dyed as well. The Shetland didn’t take the dyes as strongly as the BFL, but I did get a really nice shade with the Gaywool dyes that resemble sea glass. I cannot wait to spin this up.

I was planning on posting the individual rovings but they still are not completely dry – so here is a sneak peak of them on the drying rack.

Open Studios was quiet as far as people passing through, but we did have a good group of people to hang with. Alicia (no blog yet), Brian and my sister Cindy who is currently setting up a new blog here.

Speaking of my sister… check out her latest project. She warped with some of the alpaca she brought back from Peru and she used merino silk as the weft. She dyed the yarns prior to weaving the fabric and she even got the lines in the plaid to match when she constructed the cape. Exquisite no?

Brian and I brought our spinning wheels and got a lot of spinning done. I am almost finished with the Jacob’s fleece that I got at Spa from Deb at the Irish Ewe. I am thinking of over dyeing once I’ve plied it.

Brian and I also took a break to run up to Classic Elite Hub Mills and to say hi to Alice. I also picked up the first volume of Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Lucia will be relieved I am sure – I thought I was going to get booted from the Knitter’s groups when she found out I didn’t have at least one of the books in my library. I think I am safe now anyway.

This weekend I also did some shopping at my favorite Idylwilde Farms again. I did get some more dried beans. This time I picked up the black Turtle Beans. I hope to make a lovely black bean salad with these.

I also made some yummy hummus this weekend. It is so easy that I don’t think I will ever buy hummus from the grocery store again.

Easy Hummus

1 can of good garbanzo beans aka Chickpeas, rinsed and drained well then dumped into the food processor add to it a big fat clove of garlic or two that I pressed through the garlic press, 1 tsp lemon zest, 1 tsp ground cumin, a couple of shakes of tabasco sauce, 1 tsp Kosher salt. Process for a minute then scrape down the sides.

Add slowly 1/4 cup of water that you added 3-4 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice to. Continue to process for 1 minute then scrape down the sides.

Take 6 tbsp of well mixed Tahini and blend with 2 tbsp of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil. then turn on the processor again for a couple of minutes and drizzle the Tahini and EVOO mixture in.

It should be nice and creamy.

Other things you can add for flavor and variation:

1/4 cup of drained artichoke hearts roughly chopped or a

1/4 cup of roasted red peppers

I ended up making two batches of this it was so good and there still wasn’t any left to bring for lunch today.

Another acquisition was made. I found two Royal Worcester Single Egg Coddler’s at the local consignment shop. I love coddled eggs. I wish I had time every morning – but these will have to wait for work from home days or weekends.

On the tube this weekend

I watched “The Fountain” . It was a little difficult to follow as it is three parallel stories that span from the Conquistors in Machu Picchu, some time in the present and some time in the very far future. All starring Hugh Jackman as the main character. But let me just say the hot sexy scene in the bathtub was worth it.

And last but not least, I guess we can pry the gun out of Chuck‘s cold dead hands now.


3 responses to “Playing hookie and new finds

  1. The rovings look wonderful!

    • Thank you, Farad! We have not planned any for DPS or tanks however you are not the first to ask. We will discuss the polsbiisity and let everyone know what we decide.

  2. I will definitely have to try out that hummus recipe…

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