Baby steps and footprint

I have been trying to reduce my carbon footprint, and granted it’s been in baby steps at times.

I’ve been recycling faithfully for 10 years. I hate recycling only because of the accumulation of ‘stuff’. It seems I unload the paper recyclables one week, only to have the plastics and glass pile up for the following week and vice versa.

I actually stopped my subscriptions to newspapers that I can read online years ago too. What a dent that made in my recycle bin.

I also tried the fluorescent light bulbs. But hate them – they don’t work well outside or in places that get cold. I really hate them so after reading about the mercury that they contain I went back to my daylight full spectrum bulbs. They help with the seasonal disorder as well. I call them my happy lights in the winter.

I also hate plastic grocery bags. I kept buying and forgetting the reusable bags at Trader Joe’s and at the local grocery store – they just seem to disappear or they aren’t in the car when I make a quick stop.

Recently I was with my sister at the store and she popped out this really cool ChicoBag. They fold into this little tiny attached pouched and they have little carabineer to clip on to your purse or belt loop. So I found them online and bought 5 of them. They don’t take up any room and I can toss them into the bottom of my purse or knitting bag.

I also picked up one of these at the Christmas Tree Shop recently. These little market baskets collapse for storage and they are great when you are going to a party and bringing food or other stuff. I don’t know about you but anytime I am going to my sister’s or mom’s house there is always stuff to carry back and forth. This little market basket works great.

After having oil delivery sticker shock this year I’ve also joined a local co-op for oil and gas starting next year. Otherwise I’ll be forced to start burning stash for warmth next year.

And last but not least I have just agreed to buy this. I saw it up on craigslist last night. I even posted it’s availability to an online spinning group. Then I started thinking that every time I spin at open studio I am always asked if I give spinning lessons. I would love to but you really need a second wheel for a student. So, when I saw the Lendrum ST and at such a good price I decided that if it was still available this morning I would buy it. It was, so I did! It’s great that all my bits and pieces (bobbins and WooLee Winder) will fit it. And if the lessons don’t work out or I need the money I don’t think it will be hard to sell and I doubt I would lose any money on it either. I’m so psyched!


One response to “Baby steps and footprint

  1. Great tips on the resuable bags, and foldable basket! I have a tendancy to get to the grocery check out and realize I have left my market bags in the car, too!

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