Fresh off the wheel

4 oz. Jacobs Roving from The Woolley Farm

I picked a bag of this lovely roving up at Spa this year. It’s from Deb at The Irish Ewe. It was lovely to spin, in fact, it almost spun itself. It required very little pre-drafting and I could even do a long-draw which I’ve had problems with in the past. Nice stuff!

This roving was from their flock of Jacobs. It was two-toned roving that I split the light from the dark then spun each color separately into singles, then plyed the two together (2-ply duh).

I haven’t set the twist yet, so I haven’t measured the final wpi or yardage yet, but I suspect it’s about fingering weight and I am hoping for close to 350 – 400 yds.

Now, I am thinking about kettle dyeing this skein. What do you think? Hot Pink? Turquoise? Another color?

Edited to bitch – WordPress recently upgraded their service and appears to have left out SPELL CHECKER due to bugs.  WTF?


2 responses to “Fresh off the wheel

  1. Purple!

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