pinkletinks spring symphony

The pinkletinks are back or peepers as most of us call them. I know a few people have posted that they heard them early – but it’s been a bit colder in the Nashoba valley so my windows and storms were still closed.

Yesterday was so nice I opened my storm windows and put down the screens and actually left some windows open last night since it was still so nice out. As I finally settled down to doze off, there they were the “peep, peep, peep” that always heralds spring.

On this morning’s drive in it seems the trees have budded overnight and the red buds look like they are ready to explode. If it stays this lovely weather wise we will soon have the new bright green haze of the new leaves soon.

I guess I’ll have to drag the deck chairs out soon, even though it feels like I just put them away.

I am busy spinning some BFL hand-dyed for a baby surprise jacket, knitting another BSJ from STR 2007 club – merino superwash.

And that lovely Leicester Longwool Locks are almost dry – I cannot wait to card some and spin up a sample.


2 responses to “pinkletinks spring symphony

  1. The peepers have been going around here for a couple days… last night when I pulled into the parking lot it was crazy! Yet another reason I want to be able to leave the windows open at night. 🙂

  2. I’ve been hearing peepers for a little while, too – taking the dog out at midnight (damn dog!) has its occasional nice bits.

    The Leicester is *wonderful* – have fun spinning it! And it was lovely to see you!

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