Oh what a beautiful weekend…

On a scale of 1 to 10 this weekend was an 11! In spite of what the weather people around here were predicting. It was an absolutely perfect weekend weather wise.

I actually got some garden beds raked out, vines and shrubs trimmed too. I can no longer do half the yard in a day anymore, so I have to take it little bites at a time. Lets just hope the weekends continue like this!

I even got a ton of junk cleaned out of the back(sun) room because, it’s that time of year again and I want my sun room back! Then I moved on to the back deck and got that swept off and dragged some lawn furniture out. It’s almost presentable.

I even got to spend a few hours spinning in the sun. It was a perfect weekend.

This some BLF that I dyed a few weeks ago and was begging to be spun up.

It’s approx. 245 yds. 2-ply Sport/DK weight

It was just a nice day to hang with friends, good food, good fun and lots of laughs.

Michelle, Sally, Laural


And yes Michelle was flying the Jolly Roger yesterday – so look out. LOL!


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