No fiber for you…

Friday was my sister’s birthday, so the family gathered at her house for dinner and cake. Mom made a Strawberry Rhapsody cake. I hadn’t made one in years and together we figured out the recipe.

According to my former MIL who used to make this cake all the time “it tastes like you think Strawberry Shortcake ought to taste.”

Here’s the remember recipe

Make one pkg of strawberry flavored jello but reduce the water by 1/2 place in the fridge until it’s a jelly consistency and not completely set.

While you are waiting for that, drain one pkg of frozen strawberries and reserve the liquid for later.

Take a sponge cake or pound cake – you can use angel food cake in a pinch but it doesn’t hold up as well. Break the cake into 1″ x 1″ bite sized pieces and set aside.

Make one envelope of Dream Whip per the box directions.

Once the Dream Whip is whipped and ready, add the jelly jello and whip until it’s incorporated. Fold in the defrosted strawberries. You now have a lovely pink strawberry flavored foam.

Take an Angel food cake pan or spring form pan and spread a small amount of the strawberry cream mixture to coat all the sides of the pan. If you are using and angel food cake pan be sure to spread some on the inside cone.

You are going to layer the cake with the strawberry cream mixture starting with the cake (use less than a 1/3 of the cake to start. Then the cream mixture, then more cake, cream, cake ending with the strawberry cream mixture. Smooth and press down a little to make sure there are no air bubbles and the cake and cream are packed into the cake pan.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 6 hours – overnight is better.

Just before you are ready to serve:

Take the cake out of the fridge for a few minutes while you make the glaze.


Put the strawberry liquid that you saved in a small sauce pan with 1 tbsp of corn starch and wisk out any lumps then add heat stirring until the sauce becomes slightly thicker and clear.

Once the glaze is ready take the cake out of the tube or spring pan – you can ‘patch’ together’ any flaws at this point, but if it’s properly chilled you shouldn’t have to.

Drizzle the glaze along the top and down the sides. Garnish with some fresh strawberries and serve immediately.

I wish I had pictures, but my camera battery was dead.

So after stuffing ourselves with cake and having a couple of margaritas it was time to go home. Not to mention Darling Daughter was in a foul mood and cranky to be with her friends who she had been attached to the hip with all week long during Spring Break week.

Saturday morning I wake up to a pile o’ teens on the livingroom floor. They had stayed up most of the night playing video games. So I banged around making coffee, bacon and eggs and they soon roused their heads. After feeding them I handed them all rakes cracked the whip and got my yard raked. I thought this might deter them from showing up at my house all the time…..

It didn’t…

They were back on Saturday night. I put them to work on Sunday as well and then sent them all packing at noon. Don’t they bath? do laundry? brush their teeth? Apparently most of their parents don’t care where they are, as long as they don’t have to deal with them. So by Sunday I was done with teenagers for awhile.

Of course having to stick around with the teens around, meant no Fiber for me. I didn’t go to CT Sheep and Wool, nor did I end up going to see the Harlot at Webs. But I have knit this damn baby surprise jacket three times now. The first time I didn’t like the size 5 US needles, so I switched to 8s, then I screwed up the stitch count, then I ran out of my handspun so I need to go back and add a little something something to ‘fill in’. you would think I would have this memorized by now.

Next weekend is Open Studios at Western Avenue, so I have a ton of stuff to get ready for that. Anything that I don’t sell on Saturday goes into the Etsy shop that night, so keep an eye out.


One response to “No fiber for you…

  1. I’m glad you atleast got some work out of the teenagers. I’m sure you’ve paid for it many times over with the food they eat! Sorry you didn’t make it to see the Yarn Harlot.

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