Bleeding Hearts

First, thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers for my Dad.  Last night Mom said she thought he was coming home, but I had my doubts.  Sure enough today they have a bunch of ‘specialists’ in to look him over.   Dad still insists that he DOES want heroic measures to keep him going.  But this goes against what he actually does, like eating hot fudge sundaes and drinking alcohol when you are diabetic.  I want to kick his butt right now, but I can’t.

Mom is hanging in there and we are still trying to figure out away to get her down to PA for her sister’s birthday.   And since my sister will be doing the Andover Craft Fair as usual on Saturday.   My best chance for getting to the NH Sheep and Wool will most likely be Sunday, but right now I am not counting on making it up there this year.  And I’m ok with that.  It’s not like I have huge amounts of disposable income to spend on fiberlicious stuff and there is nothing I absolutely positively need and can only get there either.

If it doesn’t pan out then there is always Webs Annual Fiber Sale next weekend…  it’s spring – there is always a fiber fix somewhere! hehehe

Last night was so beautiful out, and NO BUGS (yet), so I did the walk around to see what’s coming up.

My hydrangea vine is going to town, as was the bleeding heart in front of it.  I say was because this morning I came out the door and it looked like someone had sat in the middle of it.  I am so going to kill that cat!

This is the view off the back deck facing due north.  That forsythia was just a few skinny branches that I had pulled out of my sister’s yard 10 years ago.   On the other side of the trees is the wet lands.  Already I’ve seen 2 blue herons so they are nesting somewhere back there.

Last but not least is my damn lilac bush – look at it closely as it is the last time you will see it.  I planted a slip of a lilac 15 years ago.  It comes back every year, bigger and bigger.  I trim the suckers,  water and feed it and for 15 years not one damn lilac blossom, not ONE!  So come fall, I’m digging the damn lilac bush up and giving it to a friend.  It pains me as I have wanted a blooming lilac bush forever, but I am tired of dumping different potions and plant food suggestions from various landscapers, and nursery specialists.  I’ve tried whacking the stems as otherssuggested when they have shared their ‘old wives tale’ secrets for getting Lilacs to bloom.  But nothing so far as worked, and it doesn’t look like it will be blooming this year either.


I finished knitting the bsj, I still need to sew up the seams, weave in the ends, block and find buttons for it.


2 responses to “Bleeding Hearts

  1. So, is your dad home? Sounds like the situation is at the very least a bit less scary than it was earlier in the week. I’m glad for that.

    I’m so sorry about your lilacs. I love them too, but have no advice as gardening is one of those things that I think is for other people. I couldn’t keep a weed alive.

  2. warpedandtangled

    I’m no help on lilacs either. I could kill a rock garden. So don’t give it to me!

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