It cannot be July already!

I don’t even know where 2007 went and now it’s July 2008 already!?  This just cannot be.  Time is flying by and I feel like I am standing still.

Must be the Paxil…

I have been busy doing lots of fiber ordering and dyeing because I joined a Ravelry Fiber Swap.  It should be fun… unfortunately I cannot post pictures or descriptions of what I’ve been doing to what or with whom because I don’t want to give any hints to my swap buddies.

I have also been knitting… frogging and reknitting., then refrogging again.  I haven’t had much knitting mojo for awhile so I thought if I joined another KAL it just might jump start my mojo.  So I I am currently working on the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  So far I’ve knit to Clue 2 twice.  I frogged it because I decided I liked the A chart better.

This is actually a really cool KAL – the shawl had a total of 4 clues but each clue had 4 choices so there are a lot of variations each making a unique shawl – that and it’s a circular shawl too.

Tonight the Westford Spinning group is gathering on the Westford commons during the Farmer’s Market to demo spinning.  We are not allowed to ‘sell’ but that does not mean we cannot give out cards for spinning lessons and pointing to our etsy shops now does it?  I hope something starts to give because things are not moving either through etsy or through the studio right now.  I understand it’s the economy and the weather.  Apparently 90F heat with 70% humidity isn’t conducive to playing with wool and other fiber.  However, my tomato plants are loving it along with the Cockadoodle Poo Organic Potting Soil they are planted in.  It’s great stuff and safe around kids and pets.  I got several bags of this “sheeite” at Agway.

Next week I will be taking the entire week off added to the 4th of July long weekend, it should be a nice long rest, along with lots of house cleaning and chores that desperately need to be done, and at least a day or two at the beach.  I would love to go camping, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now.  Instead I will probably hang out and play up at the studio, so if anyone has time off that week and it happens to be a rainy day and you want to come and play give me a call.

Then it’s four days back to work and another long weekend and week off.  Then I will be wondering where the hell July went.


2 responses to “It cannot be July already!

  1. I’ve been putting this stuff that is seriously just called “worm poop” (from Terracycle) that you sprinkle onto the soil. I’ve been doing it regularly and my plants are absolutely taking off! Next year I want to get better soil – I just bought the cheap stuff at WalMart this year. I’ll have to check out the chicken poop. 🙂

  2. I can relate to the ripping – go see my blog for the newest crisis, lol. Must be a summer thing, all this starting and frogging. Can’t wait to see your Mystery shawl.

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