It’s back to work… blech…

I had another entire week off last week. My brother and nephew had flown in on the 17th to attend Dad’s internment out in Greene, NY and to join the gathering of the clan. They also stayed for the entire following week, so we got to have fun playing with my nephew. I forgot how much fun 6 year old boys are.

Here is a picture of the boys skipping stones in the river behind the camp.

We even came upon a couple of Llamas in upstate NY.

So the vacation started off with a bang – or rather an explosion of Widowzilla. If you have followed any of this saga then you will know that my Dad had already been planning to attend the weekend gathering which also happened to be the same weekend as his old high school reunion weekend. Dad had been very active in the alumni association. So my sister and I as promised, took ‘Dad’ or rather is ashes out on the town that Friday. But mom apparently found out and had a meltdown and uninvited us all to the funeral. We went anyway – she seems to have forgotten that we lost our Dad too. It was strained and she still isn’t speaking to us, but I have no regrets. She’ll get over it eventually. In the meantime I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

My Dad would have loved the wake we gave him and his old friends were quite happy to be able to pay their last respects and tip one for him.

On our drive home from NY (thank the gods I took my own car!) and just after we had passed on to the Mass Pike, break lights started flashing and I glanced to the side of the road only to see a baby black bear climbing under the guard rail looking like it was going to try to cross the very busy highway. I couldn’t stop, but I sure hope the baby bear made it ok. I was psyched it was the first time I ever saw a bear in the wild.

The rest of the week was fairly quiet, some mini-golf, and a few projects around the house got done. Not as many as I would have liked but the weather didn’t cooperate very well. Lately it’s been like living in a rainforest. Hazy, hot and humid all day, then big rains and thunderboomers starting at 4pm every day. We even had a tornado touchdown in New Hampshire, killing one woman. It’s just been crazy weather.

I did manage to finish my first circular pi shawl.

Pattern: Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl

Yarn: Finger weight Alpaca from Peru

Needles: Knitpicks Options US 8

I loved this pattern and will definitely knit another one.


6 responses to “It’s back to work… blech…

  1. omg – Gorgeous. Can’t believe you already finished it. And glad to see you got home okay after that mini-monsoon we had!

  2. The shawl is spectacular!!!!

    • Welcome back! Sounds like you had a really fun vaoctian! Gotta love that warm weather! All of the featured recipes this week look great! I'm planning on testing out that risotto. Added a link to your hop.

    • No se si reir o llorar… “La religión es el opio de los pueblos” es una de las citas más incomprendidas y mal interpretadas por Ateos y religiosos no ortodoxos. Vaya hasta salen con Marx para justificar sus ideologias.

  3. The shawl looks amazing. And your mom? Needs to learn to take a deep breath and not use her loss as a weapon. I think your father would have been thrilled at what you did. His wishes before hers, I say.

  4. Holy guacamole! That shawl is (turns adjective jar upside down and shakes it)… words fail me.

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