Open Studio

There was open studio this past Saturday at Western Avenue.  I showed up bright and early to meet Melodie.  She had contacted me for spinning lessons through Ravelry.  We had a great day – I think she really liked spinning on the Lendrum and I think she got some great spinning done – she really got the hang of it and was spinning up a storm.  She did a great job (I forgot to take pictures so I hope she will post)

I made some hummus to munch on – I added a little lemon jest and yummy!  We shared some recipes as well as spinning tips and tricks.

I actually got some spinning done too.  I finished spinning and plying (2-ply) some lovely pastel pink that I had dyed up a long time ago.

I did remember to take a picture of the lovely roving I received from the ravelry fiber swap.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

It is so pretty with flecks of sparkle.  I’ve never spun with sparkly stuff before I cannot wait to start on this!

On the knitting front – I finished the shawl – I would like to start another one, but I want to dyed the alpaca first.   I have a pair of socks that I need to start for my friend Alicia since she gifted me a pair of earrings that she made this weekend.

I also have a pile o’ fleece to skirt and pick.  I’ve decided to send them off to be washed and processed into rovings.  I just do not have the time (or the inclination) to do them myself right now.  Besides it’s been so rainy and humid here all summer they would probably never dry completely and I don’t relish the hand carding it all either. I know but time is money too,

Then there is all the roving that I just got that needs to be dyed up.  I’ve got some new colorways floating around in my head too.  This past year I’ve tried to stretch my color choices.  It’s so easy to keep being drawn to one’s favorite colors – but by pushing into pastels, and earthy tones that I don’t normally choose, I find that I am short on my favorite blues, purples and greens.


2 responses to “Open Studio

  1. This does look prnmsiiog. I’ll keep coming back for more.

  2. Sorry, Matt, but while I hope it’s a good movie, it probably won’t raise Pullman’s celebrity status….I mean, Pullman is a best-selling author with a big-budget Hollywood movie of one of his books, whereas The Butterfly Tattoo is a small independent film by mostly unknown filmmakers.If anything, if Phillip Pullman likes The Butterfly Tattoo, he should be using his fame to promote the film, not the other way around.

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