Throwing Caution to the Wind

I joined Team Mine (aka Selfish Knitters group from Ravelry) and I had no time to do the pre-Ravelympic project swatch yesterday.  Heck I was lucky to get one skein balled up and dig the right needles out of the pile of UFOs in time to cast on this morning to the opening ceremonies.

I decided last minute that I would try to bang out the Oblique Cardigan that I have been dying to start for ages.  I had enough Cascade 200 in a lovely coppery burnt orange colorway from a previously abandoned project that I will not mention here, or probably ever again.

And I realized that I haven’t had a photo of the old girl (Spirit) in ages.  This is her usual position, in one of her three favorite spots, the couch.  The other two are the arm of the chair, or my bed.


4 responses to “Throwing Caution to the Wind

  1. That yarn will be perfect, and Oblique will look wonderful on you. That’s a stunning color on you 🙂

  2. That’s in my queue somewhere. I look forward to seeing how yours comes out! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your kitty, she’s gorgeous! I’m very partial to calicos.

  3. That will be gorgeous! I’m not casting on anything, but maybe once this project is submitted on Sunday night, I’ll do some Olympics-watching knitting on my Rogue. 🙂

  4. Ooh, what a great cardi. Lurve that color, and it even goes with your kitty 🙂

    I am hard at work on my February Lady Sweater while watching the Parade of Nations (and *really* wishing Bush would close his legs, seriously). Go Go Team Mine!

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