Summer’s Almost Gone

I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by.  I feel like I did absolutely nothing all summer.  Maybe its all the rain we’ve had this season.  Just look at all the fungi I keep finding in my yard.

Click to embiggen.  I wish I knew what was edible.  This is one of those times when I really miss my mother-in-law who really knew her mushrooms.  I haven’t eaten delicious wild mushrooms since she passed.

The sun came out for more than a few hours this weekend and in spite of the threat of occasional showers, I needed to venture out, so I drove up to the north shore to Fiber Revival.  What a lovely location.  I just wish I had remembered to grab my camera on the way out the door – duh!

The day was lovely and I got to sit under a big old tree and spin some lovely grey Shetland roving from the stash.  I did fall down and pick up some of Spunky’s rovings – Merino Silk and Merino superwash.  I know I dye my own roving, but there is just something so yummy about Spunky’s fun color combos, I just couldn’t resist.  I also got to see some friends and it was good to see Ruth and Woolybabe had survived their vacation.

Finally around 3pm the storm clouds started to gather – I figured it was best to head out as the clouds were looking really dark and ominous.   As I headed down the road, I decided that I really didn’t want to go home, so I headed over to the studio and dyed some more fiber with some of the new colors I got a while back.  Boysenberry, Sangria, Brilliant Violet just to name a few.  After a few hours and a couple of phone calls I headed home.  I love being in the studio when it’s quiet, I always get some work done.  It’s not really work – its fun really.  I always meet some new artists that are hanging around too.

Sunday was another lovely warm and sunny day.  I got myself up early and while I was enjoying my coffee and the sunshine my friend Alicia called and 20 minutes later we were heading off to Idylwilde Market.  I picked up some fresh local beets that I plan to peel and grill.  Big juicy peaches and fresh blueberries.  I love blueberries on my Cheerios!  I also picked up 2 big pots of flowering Zinnias to stick in my front porch pots.  The johnny jump-ups and miniature pansies were still blooming, but were kind of leggy and sad looking.  I took them out and stuck them in the front where the other bushes had been removed.  Then planted the zinnias and they look spectacular.

Then I went in and packed myself a yummy turkey, Havarti, avocado, tomato, sprouts and mayo sandwich on fresh sourdough bread and planned to head off to the park to knit with some knitting buddies, but my Rotten Teen Daughter (RTD) had one of her hissy, nasty, fits.  I just grabbed my stuff and left the house.  At that point I was no longer in the mood to knit so I headed over to a friends for solace.  There I could bitch about RTD and of course when I pulled out my Ravelympic knitting project I realized that the 3 inches I had knit the night before had a big honking and glaring mistake back at the point where I had started so I spent the afternoon tinking instead.  But now it’s fixed and I am almost back to where I started again.


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