Most of the excitement this weekend has been good – so that is all I am going to blog about – I’ll just deal with the bad excitement….

Brian showed up at my house promptly at 8am and we loaded the car and headed off to Rhinebeck. I don’t really remember what time we arrived – but we made it just in time to wander through the Ravelry meetup!. It was a beautiful sunny day and the perfect temp. for sweaters, scarves, hats, and shawls! I was getting dizzy swiveling my head from side to side checking out all the fiberlicious sights.

We started out in Bldg. A – the bldg my sister and I totally missed last year – but we were virgins 🙂 I only brought cash, leaving the check book and credit cards in the car like a good girl.

Since the recent acquisition of the drum carder, I was on the hunt for fibers to card and stuff to play with to blend on the carder.

Both Brian and I were bad bloggers and kept forgetting to take pictures. But I did run into lots of friends and managed to catch Judy with the Harlot (with Juno in the background).

I ran into Jennifer and her family several times, Lucia with her friend Lisa and Miss B also several times.

But what you really want to know about is the booty, I know. I was actually being very good, I got a fetling/doffer brush for the carder, 2 oz. of Baby Camel Top and 2 oz. White Yak from Black Fen Farms, 2 oz. silk noils from I forget where, and 1 oz. Bombyx Mori (55%) and Baby Camel Down from Shadeyside Farm. These will be fun to use for blending on the carder. I also picked up 8 oz. of dark brown w/ bleached tips washed Finn Locks from Misty Mountain Farm – all the fun of carding without having to scour fleece! YAY! And I got some more of the merino/tussah roving from The Sheep Shed – I love this stuff and it’s a great deal 1/2 lb. for under $16! Good stuff.

But then we went into the barn with the fleece sale…….. and I fell down hard – I actually had to borrow cash from Brian but I had to have it. 7 1/2 lb. Romney fleece that is gorgeous! It wasn’t marked as prime fleece, but it looked clean, nice crimp, not too much grease or veggie matter in it either.

You can see how huge this fleece is!

See how lovely this fleece is?

Clouds of fluffy fiber. I only washed this once with Unicorn Power Scour and rinsed it twice. I’m not sure if it’s the clean fleece or this power scour but I think I did pretty well with picking out my first real fleece.

When we got home I had to pull off a small clump and wash it just to see what it was going to look like. Check it out! Brian played with my drum carder – I’ll let him blog about the yummy goodness of blended fibers that I wanted to steal from him.

UPDATE: Of course I totally forgot to mention how awesome the Ravelry party was on Saturday Night! THANK YOU JESS AND CASEY and everyone who put so much work into the party. It was a great time – cold, but fun. I wore my yoga wrap that I had spun merino for – my first ever hand spun then knit project and I also got rave reviews on my Anniversary Mystery Shawl from Goddess Knits too. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It was great to meet so many new people.


2 responses to “Rhinebeck

  1. Nice fleece! Wish I’d seen your Yoga Wrap.

    I have had the damndest time getting back into the swing of “reality” today…I’d give anything to be back in NY, sigh!

  2. Reality bites. With big, sharp teeth. But we were there, and it was splendid.

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