Harvest Time

It’s hard to believe that the seasons have once again moved around the circle and back to the beginning or end depending on how you perceive it.

First I want to share my recipe for my Harvest Soup (inspired by the soup that was served at Jena and Dave’s wedding)

Harvest Soup

2.5 lbs of peeled, cored and chunked butternut squash

2 good sized leeks, chopped and rinsed well

3 carrots, peeled and chopped

2 ribs of celery, chopped

Saute the veggies in the bottom of the stock pot with 3 tbsp of butter and some good olive oil until they start to soften.

Add to the pot

1 cup of cider

5 cups of either veggie stock or chicken stock

a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme

a couple of leaves of sage or a 1/4 tsp dried

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

4 apples cored, peeled and quartered

Bring to a boil then turn down the heat and simmer for approx. 30 mins or until all the veggies are soft.

Remove the stalks from the thyme and the fresh sage.

Using an immersion blender or by ladling small amounts into a blender or food processor, blend the soup until smooth and thick – if too thick add a little more stock.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Just before serving add 1 cup of half and half.

I also made Cider Cream to embellish the soup

1 cup of fresh cider – boil until reduced to 1/4 cup

remove from heat and let cool then add 1/4 cup of sour cream and blend until smooth.

keep refrigerated.

Ladle the soup into bowls and swirl some of the cider cream on top.  Serve with a salad and crusty bread for a very filling dinner.

This was yummy and even the kids liked it.

~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ . ~

Open Studio was this past Saturday and it was quiet as expected.  I did spin up some of the yummy Romney fleece (just a small sample) and it’s going to be lovely.  Now I don’t know if I want to dye some of it before spinning or after – but there is plenty to play with.

I also finished my first sample pair of the Serpentine Mitts.  These are really fun to knit.


3 responses to “Harvest Time

  1. Mmmm… the soup sounds wonderful!

  2. Awesome! I was planning on making something like this for Dave this week but was searching for a recipe that sounded close to what we had at the reception. Thank you for sharing… this is what I’ll make! 🙂

  3. thanks for the soup recipe! i can’t wait to try it…my mouth is watering!!

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